March 2022

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Spring is just around the corner and we couldn't be more excited. Below are things to keep in mind as we head into the vernal equinox.

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March 13, 2022

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Be Proactive with Dormant Oils

Scales affect trees and shrubs here in Colorado. They eat bark, needles and remove sap. This can lead to disease, needle drop, dieback, and decreased vigor.

There are many species of scale affecting various types of woody plants. Scales don't have many natural predators so we must intervene with preventive treatments.

Management of Scale:

Horticultural oils are used during the time when plants are dormant, this is why we refer to these applications as 'dormant oils'. The timing for dormant oils is very important because we want to control the population before the eggs hatch. The best application time is always temperature-dependent so we rely on our Plant Health Care Specialist to give us the go-ahead to start scheduling. This usually happens in March. 

Dormant oils are the proactive way to protect your valuable trees from the destructive effects of overwintering insects. Schedule an estimate now to get ahead of the pesky population. 

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Borers are secondary insects in nature with the express intent to expedite mortality in stressed /dead or dying plants. This particular picture is a Juniper borer trying to escape a fireplace mantel that had been drying in a hybrid kiln for over a year, milled down to the dimensions of a typical mantel. It was in the process of being sanded and finished with an epoxy application when we came across him.

Now full disclosure we were aware of activity in the wood after it was milled so it was also sprayed with an insecticide 2 to 3 months before this picture was taken to try and halt the damage. Typically, the advice we give people is if you store infected wood on your property it is best: to tarp the wood with a black poly (if possible in direct sunlight) or debark the wood to expose these guys and let exposure in colder months take care of them and/or spray the wood with an insecticide. 

If conditions continue, these little guys can do a vast amount of damage to our urban trees. We have always struggled with the top three here, IPS, Elm Bark beetle, and Shothole borer. The new kid on the block is Emerald Ash Borer. The difference with EAB is the other three are associated with stress in a plant. EAB doesn't care, healthy or stressed Ash trees are a target. 


Hydration, Hydration, Hydration. Winter watering is huge in times of drought for our plant material to maintain vigor.

Preventive sprays and injections; this has to be done preventively with borers, once they are in the plant the odds of gaining control are low.

Sanitation of infected plants. Remove infected trees immediately, Don't store infected wood on your property ie: Ash/Spruce, and as we see in the picture Juniper either.

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Spring Mulch

Mulch can be used to shade and cool the soil, add organic matter that enriches nutrients for plants growing near them. In addition, it reduces compaction while preventing weeds from sprouting up under your tree. Good mulching will ensure optimal conditions are maintained so roots stay happy.

In the spring, add more mulch to either replace old decomposed mulch or to replenish mulch that has washed or blown away, making sure to maintain a thickness of at least 2 inches. Wait until mid to late spring when the soil is warm and moist to apply new mulch to keep moisture in and help prepare plants for the summer heat.

Mulch should not be piled against the stems of trees and shrubs. Stem tissues are not intended to remain constantly moist from mulch accumulation. Insect and disease infestations, as well as stem girdling roots often develop on trees with excessive mulching.

We have the skills you need to get your project done right. Whether it's a top-off or full mulch installation,.

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Schedule Aeration

Spring Aeration

Consistent aeration keeps your lawn healthy and green, saving you from dry grass, unsightly brown patches, and lawn problems down the road. Core aeration gives your lawn space to breathe. In the holes where soil used to be, water, oxygen, and nutrients can make their way to deprived roots. If your grass isn’t growing as densely or as green as it used to, soil compaction and nutrient deficiency may be the problem.

Autumn Tree Lawn and Landscape offers lawn aeration services for both residential and commercial property owners. We utilize a core aerator method. The holes allow room for expansion. In addition, the holes help out with overseeding and fertilizing the cores on the surface mix with the soil on the surface also thickening the turf.

If you’d like our experts to get your soil in peak condition, then call us to aerate for you. We make aeration easy.

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