Great News! USAORCA has filed our intent to participate in the International Va’a Federation World Elite and Club Sprint Championships!  
At this time we are going forward with the expectation the event is a "go" for Great Britain Outrigger hosting the event at Dorney Lake, Windsor, England! 

All participants are required to pay a $200 registration fee with USAORCA, we are requesting a $100 deposit due on March 28th with the balance
of $100 due June 1, 2022. All payments must come through your Association representative, please reach out to the following:

Not affiliated currently with one of USA’s Associations? 

Please send an email as it is a requirement of IVF and USAORCA that all participants be affiliated.
Changes to our elite coaching program...

Due to the number of paddlers in the Elite Team crews, it was determined that a targeted and singular source of coaching information was the best path forward for the USAORCA Elite Team. The London 2022 event will have just one V6 Elite Coach - Paolo Ameglio.

Second, we would like to thank Diane Kadolph-Ray for her willingness to serve as the Elite Team Assistant Coach these past several months. We wish her the best in her future paddling endeavors.
Now that you've been working in Zone 3 during February, it’s time to work on that 5 mile time trial at Zone 3. 

Coach Paolo is preparing a video example on how to do your next time trial and record it! Look for an update on our website in Coaches Corner for that video in the next few days. Below is the link to complete your time trial submission – be sure to have GPS, video, and photos available to load as you start the submission.
Paddlers across the US who submitted time trials for the V1 500 meter events should have receive info from the Race Committee on the next steps. Some are a lock on the top seed and others may be battling for one of the coveted remaining slots. Time trial submissions for round two are due by April 15. Please use the below link to complete your submission in as much detail as you can capture (recommend getting your buddy or coach’s assistance with capturing) for the best result for you.

The form will open on March 12 and CLOSES on March 17!

Submit with your GPS & Heart Monitor data by 4/15/2022, 9 PM PT.
Lori Jorgenson has been a competitive paddler since day one of holding a paddle. Her love of sport and competition began when she was in elementary school and continues today (let’s say she has been doing this for awhile). Lori has competed in sports like basketball, softball, track and field, cross country and has played around in other sports. It was the fall of 1999 she began her outrigger canoe paddling journey and has traveled around the world embracing the sport in V6 races and then, in 2002, the World Sprints which began her V1 journey. The love of the sport, the community and coaching support, as well as a passion for up leveling herself brought her to the podium in 2004 World Sprints as the gold medalist in the V1 World Champion Masters Division and 6th in Open. She has continued to compete at Worlds as well as look forward to what is next in the competition and coaching world of paddling and her profession as a Champion and Vitality Coach for The Taylor Group. Lori also embraces the gift of being a Mom to her 15-year old son who has grown up in the amazing paddling community.

 “What a great opportunity we all have to be in this journey with a sport that brings us together as well as uplifts us in many ways, as individuals, crews, community, nationally and globally. Happy training!”

Insights from Lori
The Power of Visualization: Your Mind’s Movie to World Sprints…

As I was preparing for Worlds the most powerful practice that supported me most (and still does today) was my inner game training for unstoppable performance. This was a tool that my coaches stressed for me to get in daily as well as what I was seeing with other top performers in their craft. One that I would like to share with you today which I am sure you have heard about is visualization.

Visualization is a skill to build and implement daily. It is important to perform the “movie” of your performance daily so that it becomes a part of you, wired in your nervous system of your body and mind. I used it as a tool to support improving my technique as well as my winning race and did it EVERY DAY, sometimes 30 seconds, or 10 minutes, etc. The key is consistency and patience (‘cause our minds wander) so that when you get to that race or time trial, you have rehearsed it in your mind as well as did the physical conditioning to get there! All you have to do is just be in the race - feeling each stroke, being with each moment of the race, all in, as an individual paddler or with the crew.

Nicole Detling, a sports psychologist with the United States Olympic team explains the importance of having a multi-sensory approach when visualizing, “The more an athlete can imagine the entire package, the better it’s going
to be.” 

So, you may ask, how do you get started? Here are some tips:

1. Find a space where you can just be present, not cell phone or
other distractions. 

2. Take a few moments to focus on your breath, noticing it flow in and out of your body.

3. Begin to run the movie of your optimal performance - include your senses and how you WANT to perform, NOT what you don’t want. 

4. Make it as vivid as possible, positive experience.

5. Then when complete take a few moments to really be with what movie
you experience.

So explore and find what works for you. Below are more resources to explore this topic further:

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