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March 2021 GVCO Newsletter

“Thanks to the GVCO leadership for keeping this thing going. The kids have so few opportunities for normal right now - and you guys provided one.” - A volunteer GVBL coach this winter 2020-21 season

The issues surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic continue to linger yet a renewed sense of optimism has given way as we round the corner into the spring. Our GVBL basketball program has just finished up its 20th season. It was challenging to say the least, however probably as successful as many years, especially due to the many hurdles that were put in front of us this season. Our GVCO organization found a way to still be there for the kids and families in the district who needed a release during this unsettled time.

Of course, we will not be gathering for our annual March fundraiser, as we have done for the past twenty years. Typically a much anticipated community celebration at this time of year. Instead we have refocused our attention the past several months, as we’ve begun to come out of the uncertainty of the pandemic, to the building of our new GVCO Community Center.

As the weather turns we anticipate the site work and the first phase of the project to begin. Our resources and energy will once again turn to our capital campaign, to engage the entire community to invest in an asset that will continue to bring quality programming to the families who reside in the district. Programming that our GVCO leadership feels is critical to help continue to make our community a tremendous place to live, work and play.

Keith Walsh
GVCO Executive Director
GVCO Community Partnership
The Phelps School
Thank you so much, Phelps
Partnering with local community minded businesses has allowed GVBL to continue to offer recreational basketball programs for kids to get out of the house and have fun.

When it was becoming apparent that the GVSD was not going to allow outside organizations to use district facilities in the fall, GVBL immediately reached out to one of its long time relationships in the community, the Phelps School, to help with our GVBL winter basketball program. It was a classic example of one community organization helping another community organization for the benefit of those living here in the region.
This winter Phelps opened their gym space allowing nearly 600 kids an opportunity to enjoy playing basketball, in this, GVBL’s 20th year in existence.
GVCO Project Update
About one year ago, February/March 2020, we had begun the site work at the Bacton Hill site of our new GVCO Community Center. The timing of the start to the pandemic last year couldn’t have been more detrimental to the project. Like most of the world, GVCO had to shut down the project just as it had started. There are a host of things that need to “fall into place” in order to restart. From re-pricing to re-awarding, to reengaging the local and county authorities. And of course the weather. It appears that all of this is completed (including the winter months) and the community will see some progress in the coming weeks.

Go to to learn the entire picture where we are and what it is going to take to make this facility happen.
GVCO Sports Programming
GVBL 2020-21 Winter Basketball League
Our Winter season saw 62 teams persevere through snow, ice and the upheaval from the pandemic. Congratulations and thank you to our players and parents for another successful season.

Girls 3rd/4th - Wildcats
Boys 3rd/4th - Terps
Girls 5th/6th - Sky
Boys 5th/6th - Sixers
Boys 7th/8th - Warriors
Ivy Experience HS - Orange

GV Crew Yard Sign Fundraiser

We need your help! If you know someone with a GV Senior this year, please encourage them to purchase a customized graduation yard sign for our current fundraiser.

Send them this LINK to place an order:

Order are due APRIL 2nd!
Fall Football:
  • Flag for grades K-1
  • Tackle for grades 2-6
Register now!
The Great Valley Football League is an instructional youth football league for kids in grades K-6. The purpose of the program is to create a fun experience for the kids, playing and learning the game of football while competing with their peers from the surrounding communities. We pride ourselves on creating a strong sense of community among our volunteers, parents and athletes throughout our season and beyond. We are looking forward to another season of football and cheer!

Please note, the early bird discount for tackle ends on April 14th at 5PM.

GVCO Community Programming
AP Exams in 2021
This year has brought changes to just about every facet of schooling, including the calendar for AP Exams and the way they will be administered. AP Exams this May and June will be offered in both paper and electronic formats. Read our blog post at this link to learn all about the changes to the format and schedule of AP Exams this year. 
GVCO Donor Spotlight
Richard E. Schoeninger

I am a lifelong resident of Chester County and would not live anywhere else. My two children, Allison and Drew, went through the Great Valley School system from 1 - 12th grade. My wife, Danielle, was the Director of Special Education for the school district and now is the Co Director of Human Resources at the CCIU. My son played in the GVCO basketball league and I coached his team. It was a great experience for him and me as well.

I was an avid tennis player, but in recent years have gravitated to Pickleball as my sport of choice. I became involved with GVCO through Pickleball. I enjoyed helping new players learn how to play the game and watching new players become avid participants. When we started out, we had about 25 players. Since then, we have over had 200 players who have come to the old GVCO gym to pick up the game. It was great to see the success of a new program and to join a group of people who managed the growth and administration of the sport in our facility.
I also wanted to contribute monetarily to help build a new facility for not just Pickleball, but all the activities the GVCO offers. The community desperately needs this organization to help our community. GVCO is coming close to opening this facility, but still needs contributions.  
GVCO Sponsor Spotlight
Utopia Financial LLC, NMLS # 1998164, is your local trusted mortgage broker and real estate finance expert. With decades of experience, Utopia Financial LLC has all of the tools, technology, experience and expertise to help you obtain the perfect loan to purchase or refinance your home. We pride ourselves on personal care for each of our clients, with focus on maximizing the value of each loan. Our broad menu of lending options helps to ensure that every client gets the best fit for their needs. Our technology makes the process simple, quick, and painless. And unlike the giant, faceless institutional lenders, we take pride in making sure every client is treated like family.  
With ties to multiple GVCO programs and seasons, we are taking a stake in our community. We feel that the GVCO helps to give our children the opportunity to grow up as healthy, well adjusted leaders.  
We at Utopia Financial LLC would like to give back to the GVCO for all they’ve done for us. Mention that you saw Utopia Financial LLC at GVCO when you purchase or refinance, and we will donate 15% of our gross proceeds to GVCO.
Call us at 800-880-5771 or 484-443-5000, or visit us online at for more information and a free no-obligation consultation.
The GVCO Future
The Future GVCO
Community Center
We need your help to finish what we've started! We will not get the necessary financing to complete the project without raising additional funds.

DONATE NOW to finalize the building of our brand new GVCO Community Center!

The time is NOW.... Together we can make it happen!

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