March 2018

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The IDDSI Board of Directors is thrilled to hear that implementation of IDDSI is spreading around the world! We have heard about initiatives in the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia, Canada and the USA and are pleased to share a few updates from other parts of the world.
South Asia 
  • In Sri Lanka, IDDSI implementation is occurring in both public and private health sectors and advanced education programs. A key partner is the University of Kelaniya and their post graduate SLP’s who have developed test kits that are being used to facilitate IDDSI implementation at various work sites across Sri Lanka.
  • In India, an innovation is the development of a telerehab system and part of the plan is to help support IDDSI implementation.

  • At the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital in Accra, Ghana, an IDDSI training program for SLP’s and Nurses was developed in preparation for moving forward with implementation.
  • During the East Africa Speech Language Therapist conference in in Kenya, an IDDSI training program for local hospital staff and university students was provided in 2017 to help increase awareness and facilitate implementation.
  • In Empangeni, Durban and other regions of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, several public hospital and community settings have started implementation of IDDSI.
Middle East
  • In the United Arab Emirates, several champions are working on implementing IDDSI at a facility with adult long-term tracheostomy patients, as well as at a hospital site in Abu Dhabi.

  • In Belgium & the Netherlands: The Dutch translation is moving forward. Once completed, these documents will be added the IDDSI website for review and final publication.
  • Thanks to Parkis Kook Atelier, an information website about nutrition for people with chronic illnesses, new and practical applications on using IDDSI keep gaining momentum. Parkis Kook Atelier will present state-of-the-art kitchen techniques following IDDSI guidelines during the Health & Care Professional Convention, to be held April 24-26th in Ghent, Belgium. The focus is on innovation and QOL
  • Numerous hospitals and LTC facilities are awaiting official translations to be available. Once these documents are ready, implementation will be facilitated. 
Implementation Forums
Wondering how to connect with others in your country? Consider hosting a country forum on IDDSI implementation…

In large and diverse countries such as Canada, connecting and communicating can be a challenge. To help facilitate IDDSI implementation in Canada, a forum was hosted by Canadian members of the IDDSI Board of Directors to update Canadian stakeholders on the resources available and to help clinicians connect. The webinar sessions that were held drew several hundred participants. 

Would this be a valuable way to connect in your country?  Contact Us if you are interested in exploring an IDDSI implementation webinar forum in your country.
Upcoming Webinars
Our second webinar is titled: From Framework to Food: Implementing IDDSI in a Long Term Care Facility and is scheduled for March 29, 2018 and April 11, 2018

Presented by:  
Chelsey Robb, Dietitian and Food Services Manager , Campbellton, New Brunswick, Canada

This webinar will lead you through the IDDSI implementation process in a 100 bed nursing home and will provide you with practical tips on how to get started and energize your staff to want to be engaged with the IDDSI. This session will help you break some of the barriers to getting started with your IDDSI journey and bring IDDSI from Framework to Food in your Long Term Care setting.

Webinar is free but you must register. 

Please make sure to check your Time Zone
Missed our first webinar?

No problem – we recorded it !

Through Thick or Thin: Exploring and Implementing IDDSI at a Pediatric Hospital is now available on the Resources page of our website, which takes you to our official YouTube channel
Supporter News
Peter Lam, IDDSI Co-Chair & Elizabeth Lipton, NFOSD Executive Director at 2018 Dysphagia Research Society Conference
IDDSI has recently met with Elizabeth Lipton, new executive director of the National Foundation of Swallowing Disorders (NFOSD). IDDSI & NFOSD will be coordinating an exciting joint event in June 2018 in celebration of National Dysphagia Awareness Month. Watch for further details in upcoming IDDSI e-bite and NFOSD small bytes newsletters.
IDDSI Translations
Thanks to wonderful volunteers, we now have the IDDSI Testing Methods and Descriptors available in 6 languages!

Are you fluent in Arabic, Russian. Spanish, German or Chinese (simplified)? If so, please volunteer to review translated documents that are in the “review process”. Your peer review comments will be very appreciated!

For a full list of translated documents, including those “under review” check-out the Translations tab on our website . Volunteer to help review translated documents under review. 

We are thrilled to report that the IDDSI documents are being translated to another 18 languages as you read this. We are in sincere appreciation of all volunteers involved in this process! If you don't’ see a language that you are fluent in, consider volunteering to translate the IDDSI descriptors and testing methods.

R  eady to volunteer? Simply send us a message .
IDDSI on the Move
March 2018, Dysphagia Research Society, Baltimore, Maryland, USA
April 2018, Brazilian Dysphagia Conference, Brazil
April 2018, Ontario AdvantAge Conference, Toronto, ON, Canada
April 2018, Pacific Society for Nutrition Managers Meeting, Vancouver, BC Canada
May 2018, Dietitians Association of Australia National Conference, Sydney, Australia,
May 2018, Speech Pathology Australia National Conference, Adelaide, Australia,
May 2018 – Nourishing Knowledge - Optimizing Nutrition in Continuing Care – Red Deer, AB, Canada
June 2018 – Canadian Society of Nutrition Management Conference – Moncton, NB, Canada

Please let us know what you are doing in your part of the world. We would be happy to share it with the rest of the world.
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