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(Cover photo - George Soules)

In this issue:
*Coffee Clash March 4
*Coffee Clash March 11
*Food for Thought
*Maine Senior College News
*ANP/ASC Centennial Plans
*Schoodic Retreat Photos
*ASC Caps!
*Creativity Workshop with Phil   Steel
*Course Feedback Form
*ASC Art Exhibit
*COA/ ASC Summer Plans

***Coffee Clash Time!***

Coffee Clash

March 4 - Jay Friedlander
March 11 - Jack Kelly

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Want to tell us about your ASC winter class experience? 

Loved it?
Wish it could have been different in some way? 

What's happening at other Maine Senior Colleges?

Winslow Homer - Winter Coast

ASC joins Acadia National Park Centennial Celebration

Courses, events, parties... read about our celebration plans for 2016!

ASC Members' Art Show 
Northeast Harbor Library

S Lerner, M Brecher Art Show Prep 2013
Opening party May 6 
5-7:00 pm

Creativity Workshop
with Phil Steel

Salty Dog Gallery, 
Main St., Southwest Harbor
Friday, April 1st 
9:30-11:30 a.m.
$15 each

This one-day workshop is designed to make students aware of the creative process and to stimulate them to have a creative life by becoming active in painting or other activities.  Participants are invited to bring a brown-bag lunch to reflect on their learning experience.

Register with the ASC Office by March 17.

ASC Hats!

Where can you get one?

Order from Maine Point, Southwest Harbor, 
Can be picked up there, or shipped. 

Acadia Senior College 
(The view from our window!)


Our office:
Maine Sea Coast Mission
127 West Street
Bar Harbor

Tu-W-Th 8:30-4:30

Our mailing address:
PO Box 175
Hulls Cove, ME 04644

(207) 288-9500

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Coffee Clash
(This Friday!)

Jay Friedlander: 
 Building the Economy 
of the Future

Friday, March 4, 2016
9:00-10:30 am

"Our economy is continually evolving. Leading enterprises are redefining possibilities and unleashing an enormous wave of innovation and creativity with an abundant perspective that values economic, social and environmental returns." 

Coffee Clash is held at Sips, in Southwest Harbor 

Please email reservations: 

Food for Thought
Friday, March 25, 2016

Harold Borns: 
 The Ice Age: 
Are We Still in It?

Dr. Borns says:  "Here is our dilemma - If we reverse the global warming, will we then put ourselves back onto the interrupted cooling trend leading to the next glaciation? Which is worse for humanity?"

Food for Thought is held at Birch Bay Village Inn, lunch at 11:30, 
lecture noon to 1:00. 
Reservations required for either, by contacting the ASC office.

Schoodic Institute Retreat -
What a good time!

Photos by Ann Caswell and Janice Kenyon

Letter from 
Charles Stanhope
Curriculum Chair

" As the saying goes, "time flies when you are having fun," and ASC has been committed to fun since its founding."

COA / ASC Collaborative
Save the dates:
July 11-15, 2016

July 11   - Richard Fallon, summer resident and Professor of Constitutional Law at Harvard
July 12   - COA's regular Coffee and Conversation event featuring Kevin Schneider, the new ANP superintendent. 
July 12   - Noel Stookey, on the music of protest, with some musical presentation. 
July 13   - Theda Skocpol, summer resident and Professor of Government and Sociology at Harvard.
July 14   - Narrated tour of a major sculpture installation at COA by curator June LaCombe. 
July 15   -
"With age comes wisdom, but sometimes age comes alone," - Oscar Wilde. 
Join us for a hearty panel with a beloved group of community elders who will share their "life well lived" perspectives. 
Panel of Elders: Steve Perrin, Ed Snyder, Ed Kaelber, Lissa Hodder, Charlotte Singleton, who will also serve as moderator. 
July 15   - Sunset cruise 
More details coming soon!