This month we're introducing our Wild West Cowboy Adventure Camp, new Spa Services, upcoming shows, our aviation heritage, new staff & more!

March 2016
Outdoor Adventure
& Travel Show
Winner Announced
We are so happy to announce 
Jessica Wright  as our winner! 

Thank you all for stopping by, it was great to see so many new faces!

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Hope to see you up at the ranch!

A Word From Our GM
Things are all coming together up at the ranch! 

We're happy to see the snow melting away up here. Our team of staff is steadily growing, and with them the ranch is rapidly coming to life. Our culinary team met and discussed the kitchen, equipment and menus, we discussed the new build on Prospector Ridge, and the renovations in the log homes that are well underway. Each night was a lengthy and energetic brainstorm! The pace of it all is building, and we could not be more excited; not only to see our ideas coming to fruition, but meet the many names and voices that have been booking in these last months! We have nearly sold out 3 solid weekend this summer and counting! 

New things are happening every day so make sure you're paying attention to Member's Only, and we'll be seeing you in only a few short months!

- Taylor Ormiston, GM
Introducing  Our Wild West Cowboy
Adventure Camp

Now s end your teen or preteen to embark upon a western adventure they'll remember the rest of their lives!

The Flying U Ranch has been hosting youth for nearly a century through its school outreach programme, opening it's gates to nearly 3000 children and teens. 

This year in addition to our school programme we are pleased to introduce our summer camp for youth age 11 to 15.

We call it the  Wild West Cowboy Adventure Camp where youth get a chance to shed the pressures of urban life, lose the phones, and get back to the basics exemplified in ranch life. With our wilderness adventure programming youth learn valuable skills, have a ton of old-fashioned fun and reset at our exciting 150 year old ranch. 

Click HERE for more details!

Come check us out! 

Kamloops Cowboy Festival:
March 17th & 20th

Hiro's Pregnancy

Over the next few months we'll be launching a few competitions to follow our favourite mare's pregnancy. 

We bred Hiro to a grey Quarter Horse stud who stand roughly 16hh. Hiro was out with the stud from late July through the end of August, and her pregnancy was confirmed late in February, 2016. 

We could not be more excited to welcome the little filly or colt this spring at The Flying U Ranch. 

Tell us what you think by taking our poll, and keeping up with Foal Watch, 2016.

Access Poll  HERE! 

2016 Celebrating
the Ranch's
Aviation Heritage 

Did you know that the Flying U has two licensed aerodromes? A water aerodrome for seaplanes plus a 4,000 ft runway. This year we will return to our "flying heritage" with many aviation activities.

May 1: The Flying U twin Navajo takes up residence at the ranch. 

June 11 & 12: The ranch plays host to the BC Float Plane executive meeting 

June 16: The Century Flight Club of Canada will be staying at the ranch as the pilots make their 8th annual cross-country flight! This year they are heading up to Whitehorse, Yukon!

July: As part of our summer sleep away camp, we are also offering youth the introductory overview of  small aircraft operations in Canada, including a flight in The Flying U aircraft. 
Want to fly into the ranch in 2016?
Call us and we can arrange a charter flight with our aviation partners 

March News Tid-bits 

The Herd 
We are heading into Spring with a healthy herd and new horses are being added every month. The plan is to build up the herd to 110 horses for this summer. 

Reservations are Booming
For 2016 we are on track to set an all-time record for reservations at the ranch. The Entire Flying U team is working feverishly to make your Flying U experience the absolute best yet! 

Fishing Boats Fleet
The ranch has just taken delivery of 7 newly refurbished aluminum fishing boats for our guests use. They are all specially painted in our Ranch Marine Red.

We like Evinrude
We are adding 8 Evinrudes from 6hp to 8hp to 9.9hp. 

Garden Going In 
We will soon be able to get into the ground and get started on our new vegetable garden. It's going in directly in front of the main lodge.  Jeanette Kasper will be spearheading this project. 

Health Spa 
The Spa will be replacing the volleyball net in the clearing near the washhouse. Here we will be building a custom deck, surrounding our new state of the art tub. On this platform the heath spa tent will sit as a peaceful oasis filled with warm heated towels, calming essential oils, and professionals ready to remedy your tired muscles.
Starting this year only registered guests will be permitted to drive into the ranch grounds. All other visitors will park in a brand new parking area directly behind the entrance.

Hospitality Manager 
We have created an entirely new position this year. Tracy Wall is returning from last year to take on this position. She will be the "go to" person for all our guest activities.

 Ranch Hiring Update 
Over the past 4 months we have been on an talent search
for vibrant energetic people to join the Flying U team. 
 After reviewing applications from hundreds of people from Canada, USA, Europe and Australia we are please to announce that our core  staff of 24 people have been hired!

Special thanks to all those people who have taken the time to apply and congratulations to all those who will be joining us.

Here is a profile of three of our latest team members:

Nicholas Olszewski:
Head Wrangler

Nick is the 8th of 10 children, so he's no stranger to crowded 
tables and the bustle of ranch life! He came to us from a large ranching operation in Alberta. 

An Australian native, he spent 7 years in the Australian Air Force Cadets, between 2003 
and 2010. He is a licensed electrician, and a hands on outdoor person so he is ideal for Ranch work  
Nick loves animals of all sizes. He has worked at an animal shelter for dogs helping with behavioural training. 

As an EAPD coach and equine first aid instructor, Nick looks forward to running EHC first aid courses. He will also have  the opportunity to offer an EAPD course.Nick has already moved into the ranch and has started work getting to know the herd. His first challenge is learning the names of 100 horses!
Carrie Dymond:
Wellness Professional

Having worked with some of the best spas throughout B.C, and over a decade of helping people remember who they are and how their bodies should feel, you can be certain that you're in good hands with our new Wellness Professional Carrie Dymond! 

Coupled with a Yoga Alliance Certification and over 5 years moving alongside bodies of all shapes and sizes, Carrie strives to connect people to their breath, their bodies and in turn, return to a state of peace within. It is our natural state but many of us have forgotten the way. Together we can find our way home to our most authentic selves and shine!
Carrie not only will spearhead our spa program, but will be offering complimentary yoga classes twice weekly.
Bree Sommerville
Office Admin &
Wedding Coordinator

Bree is an Australian living and travelling around Canada on a working holiday visa. She is  excited to  spend some time working on a guest ranch and learning the ways of
a cowboy; and in exchange will lend her communications expertise to our administrative team. 

Bree moved to Canada mainly to put herself out of her comfort zone, take on new challenges, and create some different experiences. She ' s excited to escape city life for a few months to enjoy the fresh country air, and to properly learn how to ride a horse.

Flying U Spa Services
Services available 6am-8pm
Couple's treatments available. 

Rise and Shine (The Early Bird) 

A warm sauna awaits to awaken your tired muscles, a crisp glass of cucumber infused spring water to accompany. 

After 15 minutes of 'just you time' a heated massage table awaits where together we will hand pick a blend of essential oils designed especially for you. 

Warm and cool compresses, hot and cold stones, soothing touch with pressure customized to your preference. 


Deep Sleep

Soothe tired muscles after your day in the saddle with deep penetrating heat infused with lava stones and hot towel compresses. Warm oils and body butters will leave you relaxed and ready to melt into your evening.

The Siesta

Drift the day away with an afternoon treatment comprised of gentle compressions and energetic re-balancing with healing touch massage. Warm towel compresses and essential oils will leave you feeling grounded, peaceful and ready for sunset.

Scalp & Sole Experience

Heated body butters and cooling foot gels will leave your floating throughout your stay. 30 minute reflexology massage devoted solely to your feet. Wrapped in hot towels to finish and accompanied by a decadent 15 minute scalp massage while your feet are snuggly warm. Pure bliss!

Customized for You

You know what you want and we're hear to listen. From the top of your head to the tips of your toes, we'll spend our time together focusing on you. Incorporate anything from our menu that your heart desires and we'll design your treatment especially for you -- Tranquility awaits!

Learn more about our spa services here.
Renovations are Well Underway
on the Lakeside House

Theode has begun the installation of new wood flooring in the Lakeside house. 

Finishing touches are scheduled for later this month.
Two Horses with Riders
Horseback Swimming, Camping
and Pack Trips - Oh My!

Riding options have been finalized. Check out the website for full details. 

Group discounts and custom packages are available.
Corporate Retreats & Weddings are Our Specialty!

Give us a call and lets review your requirements.  We have everything you need for groups up to 100!

We're So Proud of Our Recent Review on Trip Advisor!
"Unique and Magical" 
- Mike, Calgary -

There are few words to describe The Flying U. My mother and her family had made trips here when she was a small child, the middle child of three, her father being the instigating factor in what were described to me as epic journeys, instilling her love of horses which she later immediately passed on to me in a more pressing fashion. I was first brought to the U at age 4, 1986 was the year, and having sat on a horse previously at age 2 or so was quickly assessed by Robert Fremlin, owner at that time, and handed a tiny leopard spotted grey pony with a white mane and tail called Trigger. I was besotted. My mother, in vain, uttered her last words to me that day: "DON"T CANTER!" Fat chance. Trigger and I had gallops after gallops and I famously challenged an older boy to a race when he sniffed at Trigger's 12 hands or so and proceeded to throw up dust in the face of his much larger horse. The U is magical. The sleeps in the log cabins are some of the best I have ever had. Nights are starry and wild. You can bring snacks if you like, from Clinton, or the now nearby general store at 70 mile, but when the dinner bell sounds one can't help but salivate like a Pavlovian dog and the conversation around the tables is endlessly pleasant... "What horse are you riding?" being the gateway question, or "Where did you ride today?" ... "What animals did you see?" Could be Deer, Coyotes, Groundhogs, A Moose... Or a Bear! Trade stories of trails, 8 am for breakfast was never better even if you piss it up at the Saloon. Which you should... Because your kids can watch a movie. Hay rides are fun even for jaded riders like me. The Flying U is the most special place in the world for me, I'm 34, my mother is 63. I remember the names of every horse I have ever ridden there, and willing to bet most guests do too. Regardless of whether you are a serious rider, in which case this is paradise, or a beginner with a young family, I couldn't urge you more to choose the "U" over any other option.

View review HERE!

Excited about the Ranch? 
Why don't you come up and spend some time with us this summer!

Thank you for your continued support!

The Flying U Ranch

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