March is Women’s History Month. During Women's History Month, it is essential to recognize the contributions and challenges faced by migratory farmworker women, especially our migratory mothers and female out-of-school youth (OSY). These women play a crucial role in the agricultural industry but often encounter barriers to accessing resources and support.

Female migratory farmworkers, whether mothers or female OSY, often work long hours under challenging conditions. Recognizing the importance of mental health for these women is crucial, as they may face unique stressors and pressures in their work and home lives. Addressing mental health concerns among women farmworkers is essential for promoting their overall well-being. Providing access to mental health resources, support networks, and education on self-care can empower women farmworkers to prioritize their mental health and cope effectively with the demands of their work, ultimately enhancing their resilience and quality of life.

iSOSY has several resources to promote mental health among farmworkers at this link.

Obtaining a high school equivalency diploma can open up a world of opportunities for migratory farmworker youth. By earning this credential, individuals can enhance their career prospects, pursue higher education, and increase their earning potential. High school equivalency programs, such as the GED or HiSET, provide flexible options for those who may face challenges attending traditional high school due to travel commitments or work responsibilities. Empowering migratory farmworker youth with a high school equivalency diploma can lead to a brighter future filled with greater opportunities and success.

Have you looked at iSOSY’s Pathway guides designed to help MEP staff support migratory youth as they work toward obtaining their HSED?


Check them out at this link


The High School Equivalency Program (HEP) offered through the Office of Migrant Education provides a unique opportunity for farmworkers to earn their high school diploma equivalency. This program is designed to cater to the needs of individuals who may face challenges attending traditional high school due to their work as migratory farmworkers. The program empowers OSY farmworkers to continue their education and advance their careers by offering flexible scheduling and support.


Do you know where the closest HEP is in your state?

Find the closest program to you at this link

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