Maramec Spring Park Monarch Habitat Workshop

For Phelps County and Neighbors

The iconic monarch butterfly is disappearing across North America. The Ozark Highlands are part of the critical central monarch flyway, as such, it is essential for all of us to help create healthy habitat. You will learn about this species’ fascinating 4,000-mile intergenerational migration, its metamorphosis and life cycle, and most importantly, how you can plant native milkweed and wildflowers along the roadside, on your property, and in your community to help save the monarch, pollinators, and other wildlife.

It all kicks off on August 4th at 4pm! Hear speakers from the National Wildlife Federation, Maramec Spring Park, Missourians for Monarchs, and the Missouri Department of Conservation. Zoom in with us and learn how you can plant habitat to help save the monarch butterfly!