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Mar 2021 Newsletter
SCDOT updates Highway Design Manual!
Last month we reported that SCDOT adopted the Departmental Directive for Complete Streets, which is an overarching policy at SCDOT for people walking, biking and getting to a bus stop. That policy culminates a 4 year campaign, and there will be more news, as SCDOT implements this larger policy. Here's one development!

All three SCDOT departments (engineering, planning, and safety) are busy making changes. This month, SCDOT Engineering finalized a recent update to their Roadway Design Manual.

  1. Added were 2 new sections: 13.2 Bicycle Accommodations and 13.3 Pedestrian Accommodations.
  2. In addition, they updated almost a dozen other sections, including Context Sensitive Solutions, Cross Section Elements, Interchanges, Special Design Elements, Multimodal Transportation, Local Roads & Streets, Collector Roads & Streets, Rural & Urban Arterials, Freeways, and 3R projects (non-freeways).
Legislative Update
The Senate's Transportation committee agenda is being challenged by other priorities, this year, with golf carts and a troubling desire to move slow cars in the left lane to right lane (see this Post & Courier news article).

Yet we remain fully committed to advancing 3 bills. Two bills are in the Senate: S.248, the Hands Free bill, S.245, the 3 Feet to Pass bill. A third bill is in the House: H.3120, the Trail Easements bill.

Help us today by contacting your Senator and Representative with a unique phone call or email, simply to express support for these 2 bills in the Senate and 1 bill in the House. Additionally, briefly explain why they are important to you. Use this link to find your state Senator and Representative. Contact us if you need further assistance.

We anticipate there will be a subcommittee hearing very soon. Stay tuned, and please call in or email support today.

#HandsFreeSC, #DistractedDriving, #RoadSafety,
#ItCanWait, #JustDrive, #ologyofkelly
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PCC Intern spotlight!
 Claire Windsor was PCC policy intern early this legislative session, creating our graphics and fact sheets. She also helped the Columbia bike share create bike safety videos using our SSSL curriculum. She is a Junior in the UofSC Honors College, getting her B.A. in Global Studies and Geography, and she also interns with the SC Office of Regulatory Staff at the SC Energy Office. Last, she's a Senator with the UofSC Student Government and President of the Gamecock Cycling and Triathlon Club.
Nicky King volunteered with us Fall 2020, helping update our Funding document. She is an UofSC MPH Student and HCI Graduate Assistant. That updated funding document will be out soon.

This Spring 2021, David Buneta is interning with PCC, focusing on a Needs Assessment and Stakeholder Identification for UofSC's bike and walk initiatives, in order to improve connections between UofSC, Columbia's local advocacy, and SCDOT Road Safety Audit opportunities.
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National Advocacy:
the Complete Streets Act is Back
Help Smart Growth American advance the Complete Streets Act. This requires states set aside a portion of their federal highway funding to create a grant program that funds Complete Streets projects. Through this program, eligible local and regional entities can apply for technical assistance and capital funding to build safe streets projects, such as sidewalks, bike lanes, crosswalks, and bus stops. You can advocate for that here!
Good Read:
New insights on biking among older adults
The League of American Bicyclists and AARP Livable Communities discussed the League’s data insights and new efforts for improving bicycling among older adults. This blog provides a recap of the insights presented.

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