Snowmaking System Upgrade: Vol. 40

State-of-the-art Snowmaking at Maple Ski Ridge

Maple Ski Ridge is thrilled to announce that we have commenced a 3-phase, 3-year, 3-million-dollar snowmaking infrastructure improvement project. We have been setting aside funds for this much-needed initiative and have also received a grant worth $100,000 from the Schenectady IDA. A significant portion of the project has been completed over the summer, and we are excited to finally share the details with our friends and family at Maple Ski Ridge!

Phase 1

Beginning in June, phase 1 was the largest phase of the project and consisted of the replacement of our aging pipe infrastructure. Working with Techno Alpin, a new snowmaking pipe system was designed and installed during the spring and early summer.

The replacement underground pipe system is guaranteed to be leak-free and will eliminate excess secondary snow melt. We estimate that 1,600,000 gallons of water will be saved from system leaks and improvements in efficiency. The replacement system will be capable of creating 2.5 cu. ft. of snow per 1 cu. ft. of water. That is an improvement of 39%!

Our picturesque snowmaking pond before we started draining.

Owners and sisters Marilyn Peterson and Carolyn LaHart in front of the pond half drained.

The collecting pond is almost completely drained.

Huge trenches were dug all over the hill. This view is of the trench dug under the triple.

New pipes were delivered to replace the old leaky pipes.

More deliveries of materials for the new snowmaking system.

Sadie, one of our Maple Ski Ridge dogs, oversees the workers' progress.

Pipes are laid in the trenches. This is the view of the pipes being laid up Spruce Run.

Sisters and owners, Marilyn and Carolyn get in the trenches to inspect the work.

Phase 2

As part of Phase 2 of this project, we are replacing our old diesel pumps with new electric pumps and building a brand new pump house. The upgrade also includes enhancing the electrical system that powers the snowmaking system. The entire work of Phase 2 is expected to be completed by this fall.

The replacement pump system will run solely on electricity. This move toward electrification will eliminate roughly 60 metric tons of CO2 from our annual emissions.

The excavation for the pump house foundation begins.

The pit is poured and foundation forms are prepped.

We have a slab!

The framing starts.

It quickly looks like a building.

Roof, siding, and garage doors are all in. This promises to be a fantastic work space and pump house.

Our two new beautiful electric pumps are installed.

Welding the pipes to the new electric pumps is a big job.

Phase 3

Our project is entering its final phase, Phase 3, which involves the procurement of new snowmaking machines. We will be acquiring these new, state-of-the-art, Techno Alpin snow-making machines in stages over the next 2.5 years. We will keep you informed about the progress of this acquisition and let you know as soon as we have them up and running. Thank you for your continued support.

Stay tuned for more exciting news to come!


60 Years at Maple Ski Ridge

This '23-'24 season we are celebrating our 60th ski season! To kick things off, we are sharing our celebratory logo that we will be rocking on all our communications and gear this year. (Make sure to pick something up with this commemorative logo!)

We are planning a few extra special events and surprises throughout the year to celebrate our 60th year of operation.

If you have a special Maple Ski Ridge memory or photo that you would like to share with us - we would LOVE to hear from you!

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