Many Hearts, One Farm
February 2022 | Edition 6
Photo: Chip, one of Main Stay's therapeutic riding horses, getting his annual dental checkup
Spotlight of the Month
Dr. Augustus Nathaniel Lushington
Animal care and well-being is an essential part of Main Stay. We believe in providing our animals with the best possible care and to do this we rely on a wide variety of animal health care specialists. These professionals include equine veterinarians, livestock veterinarians, equine dentists, equine chiropractors, equine massage therapists, and ferriers just to name a few. On top of finding the right expert to consult, animal science is an ever evolving field, so whatever expert we work with needs to be up to date with any advancements. 

Because of how important animal welfare is at Main Stay, this month we wanted to highlight someone who made a difference both in veterinary medicine and civil rights: Dr. Augustus Nathaniel Lushington. 

Originally from Trinidad, Dr. Lushington arrived in New York in 1889. Shortly after, he enrolled in Cornell University and received a degree in agriculture. From there he enrolled in veterinary school through the University of Pennsylvania. Three years later Dr. Lushington completed the program in 1897, becoming the university's first black graduate and one of the first black veterinarians. 

You can read more about Dr. Augustus Nathaniel Lushington here:  
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Young Black Equestrians Podcast
Diversity in the equestrian community is an incredibly important topic and someone’s experience in the barn or the arena can vary widely based on background. Young Black Equestrians is a podcast that was started from two young women’s shared experiences. After connecting and sharing their stories with each other, they began to search for other equestrians with similar experiences. Their podcast has now evolved into a diverse community of people sharing their stories about being black equestrians.  

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