Learn About the Paso Fino Horse in Honor of Hispanic Heritage Month

The Paso Fino is a unique and versatile horse breed known for its smooth and comfortable gaits. Originating from Spain and evolving in various Latin American countries, the Paso Fino's name translates to "fine step," underscoring its unique gait. Paso Finos' combination of smoothness, charm, and adaptability has made them popular not only in their regions of origin but also among horse enthusiasts worldwide.

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US Equestrian: Five Things to Know About Paso Finos


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September 4th

Labor Day: (U.S.) Originally part of the fight for fair working conditions, this day has become a way to honor workers as part of the labor movement. 

September 7th

Janmashtami: (Hindu) A festival celebrating the birth of the deity Krishna, the eighth avatar of Vishnu. 

September 15th

First day of Hispanic Heritage Month: (U.S) A month recognizing the influence and importance of Hispanic Americans to the history and culture of the United States.

September 16th

Rosh Hashanah: (Jewish) A festival celebrating the Jewish New Year. 

September 18th

Gedaliah Fast: (Jewish) A minor fast in remembrance of the assassination of Gedaliah, a governor of the Kingdom of Judah.  

September 19th

Ganesh Chaturthi: (Hindu) A festival celebrating the birth of the god Ganesha. 

September 21st

Mabon: (pagan) A celebration of the second harvest and the Autumn Equinox. 

September 25th

Yom Kippur: (Jewish) A High Holy Day of fasting, prayer, and atonement for wrong doings. 

September 27th

The Prophet’s Birthday: (Islam) A day commemorating the birth of the Prophet Muhammad. 

September 30th

Sukkot: (Jewish) A seven day celebration of the fall harvest and a commemoration of the 40 years the Jewish people spent in the desert.

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