Diversity and Inclusion with FEI

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion is a focus for many groups in the equestrian community including the FEI (International Federation of Equestrian Sports). Equestrian sports are already considered “gender neutral” in the Olympics, meaning anyone can compete regardless of gender identification. However, there are many other areas to consider and the effects may be more subtle. Two of these areas are accessibility and invisible barriers. Accessibility addresses how someone is able to participate in a sport. For example, riders here at Main Stay can utilize a ramp and lift which allows any person who uses a wheelchair or may have limited range of motion to safely mount a horse. Invisible barriers refer to less tangible hurdles such as language, economic barriers, and even media coverage. For example, women’s sports tend to receive less media attention than that of men’s sports. This often makes women’s sports less prominent in the public eye. 

Sabrina Ibáñez is the Secretary General of the FEI and is working to address these areas in Olympic equestrian sports. You can listen to some of her DEI initiatives for the FEI during her interview with the SportsPro Podcast here: 

SportsPro Weekly Wrap: A guide to tackling diversity and inclusion with the FEI


Upcoming Holidays | Celebrations | Awareness Days

August 1st

Lughnasadh: (pagan) A celebration of the first harvest. 

August 15th

Assumption of Mary: (Catholic) Celebrates Mary, Mother of Jesus, being assumed into heaven after death so her earthly body could reunite with her soul. 

August 20th

Vinayaka Chaturthi: (Hindu) A festival commemorating the birth of the Hindu god Ganesha. 

August 29th

Onam: (predominantly Hindu) A harvest festival that celebrates the return of the King Mahabali. 

August 30th 

Raksha Bandhan (Rakhi): (Hindu) A festival celebrating the bonds between siblings, especially brothers and sisters.

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