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Who Was the Great Avatar Manu?

The orient is the source of the light of philosophy and mind training which is epitomized in the philosophical thought of the most ancient writings in the Indo-Aryan tradition, the Upanishads.  These ancient teachings have existed for millennia in an oral tradition whose beginning is lost in pre-history. The author of many of the ancient Hindu writings is the Avatar Manu, the Noah of Indian tradition, replete with an ark, mates of each animal species, seeds of all plants, and the Seven Holy Rishis (with the sacred books of wisdom - Upanishads, Gathas, and ancient ragas and dances from the Seven Mystery Centers of Atlantis). 
According to the Manu Smirtri , Manu ties the ark to Mt. Everest and, as the water recedes, descends to the Holy River Ganges and gives birth to the Ancient Indian Culture. Archeological evidence from the Harappian period of the settlement of the Indus and other river valleys throughout northern Indian, demonstrates a highly advanced city culture prior to the ninth millennium before Christ. Atlantis finished sinking in 10,500 B.C. and the City of Manu was founded at that time at the eastern end of the Tarim Basin, near the confluence of the Tarim and Altai Rivers. Rudolf Steiner defines the Indian cultural epoch as lasting from 7227 BC to 5067 BC as the sun passed through the Zodiacal sign of Leo.  
From the City of Manu, advanced cultural development migrated into the river valleys of Indian at an early period . About two millennia later, another cultural infusion again flowed out of the City of Manu into the high mountains of Northern Iran developing into the Ancient Persian culture. Later, another infusion complete with city plans, temple architecture, religious rites and elaborate priesthoods that answered the people's questions about planting, building, domestication of animals, recording time and history, as well as the other earmarks of civilization, migrated into the fertile crescent of Mesopotamia.   
Ancient Indian lineages carried great wisdom for thousands of years in an unbroken oral tradition back to Manu and the Seven Holy Rishis. Those who were fully clairvoyant in ancient times were able to directly perceive the nature of the interaction between physical matter and spirit. Ancient India had the task of thoroughly understanding the nature of the physical body in all of its wonders; that is why Vedic wisdom about the physical body is profound. India's inspiration originated in the Central Asian City of Manu. Ancient Indian traditions were the legacy of Atlantis and the Seven Sacred Temples of the Holy Rishis that healed people through the forces of individual planets and their powers in minerals, plants, animals, human organs and physiology. The Yoga traditions of the Hindu religion are a distillation of that ancient wisdom. 
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An Excerpt from 
The Mystery of Three

Our discussions of the Mysteries of One and Two have led us, naturally, to Three, which already has been an important concept in our Sophia journey. The nature of the trinity and its role as an archetype of balanced harmonies found in the human being has been explored in Volumes 1 and 2 of The Gospel of Sophia. Readers know that two trinities, male and female, interacted and manifested the world. Mystery initiation knowledge has been presented concerning the profound simplicity of creation manifesting through the One, Two, and Three. No matter which lens one uses to view the topic-psychological, intellectual, physiological, cosmological, or historical-there is no underestimating the importance of trinities to birth new life:
~      One represents birth.
~      Two represents death.
~      Three represents rebirth.
One, Two, and Three are found in the microcosm of the human as powerful soul forces: thinking, feeling, and willing. Much of the discussion in this chapter will focus on these capacities, their importance, and their use:
~      Thinking is singular. It seems to belong completely to the individual. It is One in the human soul constitution.
~      Feelings have a dual nature. They fluctuate between sympathy and antipathy, creating the ups and downs of emotions. Feeling represents Two in the human.
~      Willpower is an infinite multiplicity of manifestation that is, simply, unimaginable. It is a force that ventures forth and makes things new. Love is willpower that is given to another person as a part of the divine's infinite forces. Willing is Three in the human soul.  
The importance of Three
The nature of Three is the spiritual adhesive of the universe and the human being. There is a trinity of cosmic forces in the human body creating three areas where energy is produced to drive human thinking (brain), feeling (heart), and willpower (hara, or the lower three chakras combined). These three power generators are the centers for the forces driving thinking, feeling, and willing. Learning to understand and master these forces is a prerequisite for the aspirant who wishes to approach the threshold for conscious initiation.
   These three soul forces must be in coherence before the true power of the soul is released. If the unresolved parts of each soul force reaches the Guardian of the Threshold, qualities such as fear, doubt, and hate will rise up as unresolved grotesque images. The aspirant must work to mitigate this. She knows the virtues and vices that pull soul forces in opposing directions, and must calm the duality of emotions so the will can be focused on a single activity. In other words, Two (feelings) unites duality, and the Many-Three (willing) through the One (thinking).
Mastery of the three soul forces can bring great wisdom. The key is having the necessary knowledge about them. Once named and studied, they can be harnessed for one's spiritual evolution.
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