July 2015   
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Manifesting Your Desires -- 9 Ways We Sabotage the Endeavor   


by Barbara Gulbranson  


Manifesting your desires is a simple and natural process. All too often, we set the intention in Mind and proceed to sabotage our efforts. Here are nine traps not to fall into when creating something new in your life.
  1. Telling God How -- We must be specific in stating our desire without telling God how it should come about. Our job is to plant the seed in Mind and water it with positive thoughts and calm expectancy. Let God do the rest. Don't expect the result to come from one particular person or place, be open to the Divine flow and the unexpected ways in which God works.
  2. Ignoring Divine Guidance - Once you've stated your desire, you will be guided to do something. After all, we don't sit back and wait for something to happen; we are an active participant with Spirit working successfully through us. Trust and follow the guidance that comes to you. Whether you are guided to contact someone, go somewhere, do research, whatever it is, just do it. It may not even seem to be connected to fulfillment of your desire but trust and act with faith. I promise, you will see amazing results.
  3. Expecting Clear Sailing - To the contrary, making changes in your life can scare the daylights out of you. Your ego will goad you on asking you to resist change and telling you this isn't what you really want. Your ego will encourage you to maintain the status quo and not rock the boat. You may get the feeling that you're not worthy enough or smart enough and will experience doubt, procrastination or distraction. Don't let the ego play its tricks on you. Keep your mind set on your goal and know that you are a worthy child of God who deserves the keys to the kingdom (and already has them). Understand that it's natural to feel fear when you are making great strides in your life. Allow it. Feel it. Breathe it in. Because if you're not afraid, something is amiss.
  4. Letting Confusion Keep You Stuck - If you want to create something new, keep your eye on the outcome. Once the law starts to work for you, if you let confusion in, you will muddy the result. Stay focused and trust that the desire within you is from Spirit and is meant to be fulfilled. The desire contains all that it necessary for the outcome, just like the acorn contains all that it needs to become an oak tree.
  5. Allowing Limiting Thinking - Limited thinking will derail you absolutely and quickly. Abolish all thoughts such as, "I can't," "I have to," "I should." Certainly release any thoughts of being unworthy, untalented, too old, too young or not having enough money. When these arise in your mind, shift your thoughts to "I am," and follow the "I am" with a positive statement of truth.
  6. Not Saying Yes When A New Path Is Shown - What if you said yes to what you truly want? What if you took action no matter what else was going on in your life? What if you didn't delay happiness until some time in the future (when the kids are grown, when I retire, when I have so much money in the bank)? Why do we put off manifesting our dreams to some later date when we think everything will be in place? It's in place right now and all you have to do is step out in faith. Think about the path you want to walk that you've been putting off until "later" or "some day." What if you acted on that today? What would your life look like?
  7. Forgetting Spiritual Practice - As humans, we simply can't go it alone. Only by connecting to the spiritual aspect of life can we live a truly joyous life with all the love, abundance, health and peace that we were meant to experience. Make spiritual practice a daily part of your life and see what wonderful outcomes occur.
  8. Forcing The Outcome - State your desire to the Universe with love in your heart and relax. Real success comes from joy - not force or will power. Think about whether you are exerting strain or effort and let that go. Rest in calm confidence that the law of love is working to bring about the desired change in your life.
  9. Forgetting The Love - Check with your heart space and be sure your desire is coming from love. Love must be the driving force in your life for you to experience deep peace and unabiding joy. Ask yourself if there is anything you are doing without love? Are you going to a job you hate? Are you in a relationship with someone you don't feel connected to? Are you eating a diet that you can't stand? Are you hanging out with people who leave you feeling empty? Are you doing anything that comes from obligation, guilt, duty or laziness? If so, think about dropping anything that does not stem from unconditional love. You will be amazed at how your life changes and how easily your dreams come into being. You will find joy and peace and become a master of manifestation. Just imagine a world where everyone acted out of love instead of force, greed, obligation or selfishness. Giving from love is what the world needs so desperately today. After all, expressing love is why we are here so why not fulfill that purpose?


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The next time you are ready to manifest a life change, remember to let love in and leave sabotage behind. As always, I invite you to share your experience with me. Contact me at revbarbgulbran@cs.com. And if you need spiritual support on your path, work with me and together we will manifest your desires.

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