Manifesting Memories

“If your actions today determined tomorrow’s legacy, what would you do now in order to be memorable?” ~ Randi Levin Coaching

Cheers to a meaningful holiday season ahead! The end of the year is filled with so many opportunities to renew, reconnect, and empower ourselves and others. Simply put…these are memory evoking times!

What changes if you reverse engineer your memories, manifesting them forward, rather than simply recapping them in the future?

If creating memories is a decision you own, then by extension “being” memorable is the best route to getting there! Manifesting memories lies in the actions you take, in the resources you utilize, and in your power to develop a vision that includes both what’s known but also what to date, is unknown. Bleeding from personal into professional aspects of life, memories can be built and orchestrated, captured and enjoyed in real time and also savored in tomorrow. Manifesting memories is a mindfulness and something that I have personally been working on as I build upon my own legacy.

3 things to do in November that will support you in manifesting memories

Although seeped in yesterday, your memories have the ability to be directed, created, driven and even chosen from the vantage point of TODAY. Memories are the thoughts and the actions that fuel tomorrow, that build legacy, that empower us and support us in navigating a life well lived.

Challenge yourself to leave every meeting, gathering, dinner, or event better than you found it. What can you contribute to the event you are attending? What can you say YES to today that will evoke the results you are seeking? Perhaps your impact is made through intelligent conversations and on target questions. Maybe, you are going to engage in being the best listener in the room. Did you volunteer to do something differently, to add to the community, to reach out to another person in some way? Write down what your intentions are before you arrive at a networking event, business meeting, dinner party, or special event. Debrief your results post event. Tweak accordingly.

Don’t be seduced by fear. Fear flirts with us daily! Fear often leads unless stopped. Fear impacts our excuses, shows up in our choices, drives our decisions, and manifests our legacy unless we say NO.
What will you say NO to?
How will you break up with fear in order to date choice, possibility, reinvention, curiosity, renewal and legacy? Your memories are driven by your affair with your fears. Identify what is getting in the way of creating the memories, and the life you desire. Divorce those fears and your ability to create and be memorable shifts.

Start with saying NO to the way you have always done things. Let go of what does not align so you can grab hold of what does. Creating capacity creates memories. Write down your fears. Pick 3 that you know have been a part of 2019. Determine where you are being seduced and calendar in one new habit you can create consistently every week until the end of the year that will circumvent that fear just a little bit. Do that thing. Every week.

Imagine the memory . Close your eyes and let your mind and senses wander. Picture the Thanksgiving dinner you would like to be hosting. Envision the meeting you would like to lead, the friendship you would like to grow. How does this imagery make you feel? What are the key components of this image? What seems to be working, what do you like the most about it? Now…how can you take the smallest pieces of what you imagined and play them forward into creating the memories you desire? Will you be accepting more? Will you forgive certain things? Will you do something differently that you have not previously done? If you can see the memory clearly, you can navigate small steps toward creating and driving it, and toward noticing it.
Awareness. That's key . Noticing where you are creating traditions, impacting legacy, building what you desire is the power tool you need to BE MEMORABLE. Legacy is birthed less in the giant wins, and more in the small steps that you curate and drive forward every single day with purpose and thought. If you can see it, you can be it.

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