Offering Personal Services

as a Dental Hygiene Practice Owner/Operator

You are receiving this email because you have been identified as a dental hygiene practice owner/operator by the College. If you are not an owner/operator and have received this email in error, please contact the College.

The Alberta Health Personal Services Regulation and Standards ("Regulation and Standards") applies to your dental hygiene practice if you are offering tooth whitening or tooth gems. Alberta Health identifies tooth whitening and tooth gems as personal services. Dental hygienists who offer these services must ensure they are complying with the Regulation and Standards.

Personal Services Notification Requirements

As an owner/operator, you are required to notify Alberta Health Services if you are currently providing personal services and prior to providing any new personal services. 

If you offer personal services in a practice or business that you own or operate, fill out the Personal Services Notification Form to inform Alberta Health Services.

The Personal Services Regulation and Standards apply to most practice settings, but there are exemptions for personal services being offered in approved hospitals, accredited facilities under the Health Professions Act, and premises where dentists practice dentistry. This means that Dental Hygiene Practice Owners and Operators offering personal services in settings that are not exempt, such as dental hygiene clinics, must adhere to the Personal Services Regulation and Standards.

The Regulation and Standards establish minimum health and safety requirements for the personal services industry.

If you offer tooth whitening or tooth gems to your patients, familiarize yourself with these documents to ensure that you follow the Regulation and meet the Standards.

When offering the personal services of tooth whitening and tooth gems as a Registered Dental Hygienist in a non-exempt practice setting, ensure you adhere to:

If you have questions about your practice and personal services, please contact a Compliance Advisor.