Facilities Management Services

Applying Management Solutions' Project Management Expertise to Streamline Operations and Maximize Efficiency

Facilities management services are critical to the smooth functioning of any organization, including government agencies. Whether it's managing office space, maintaining equipment, or ensuring that facilities comply with safety regulations, facilities managers play a crucial role in ensuring that complex organizations can operate effectively and efficiently.

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Nudging Your Way to Effective Project Management

Lessons from Inside the Nudge Unit

In the world of management consulting, project management teams are the backbone of every successful project. Ensuring that these teams work effectively and efficiently is a top priority for any organization.

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Let's look back to March of 2014 when billionaire investor Warren Buffett made headlines by offering an eye-popping prize of $1 billion to anyone who could create a perfect March Madness bracket. Teaming up with Quicken Loans, Buffett's challenge was open to the first 15 million people who signed up. While the odds of crafting a flawless bracket were astronomically low, estimated at around 1 in 9.2 quintillion, the challenge sparked excitement and enthusiasm among basketball fans and casual observers alike. In the end, no one claimed the billion-dollar prize, but the stunt undoubtedly added an extra layer of intrigue to the already thrilling March Madness season.