Charting the Path to Renewable Energy Grid Integration

The transition to a cleaner, more sustainable energy future - championed by organizations such as the Department of Energy's (DOE) Office of Electricity - places renewable energy at its center. While the use of renewables like wind, solar, and other green energy technologies are surging, the United States is seeking to overcome a significant hurdle: seamlessly integrating renewable energy into the central grid.

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From Data-Driven to Data-Informed Decisions

How Human-Centered Design Can Improve Predictive Analytics In a world saturated with data, the way organizations leverage this abundance of information has become a defining factor in their success or failure. Data-driven insights have enabled organizations to make objective, factual, and precise decisions.

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Daring to Lead with Brené Brown: Key Takeaways for Project Leaders

Brené Brown's Dare to Lead (2018) is not just a book; it's a tool for transformation. A synthesis of Brown's two-decade research on courage, vulnerability, shame, and empathy, the book takes a deep dive into the core of transformative leadership.

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Did you know that despite their name, electric eels aren't actually eels? They're part of the knifefish family! These shocking creatures can generate bursts of electricity up to 600 volts – that's five times the power of a standard US wall socket. Electric eels use this ability for hunting, communication, and self-defense. And while it's an electrifying thought, we unfortunately can't plug in our devices to an eel to power our homes!