Improving the Lives of Dentists and Patients HIPAA-Compliant Voice and Text Messaging
August 2020
Did you know Infection transmission-organisms can live on a device surface for prolonged periods?  HIPAA Compliant Virtual Assistants reduce the need to use high touch devices.
Touch Screens: The High-Touch Surfaces Hiding in Plain Sight. 

  • 73.7% of mobile hand-held devices (MHDs) tested were colonized with bacteria6, while 
  • Another study reported that 100% of the bacteria found on MHDs was also on the Health Provider hands.  Holly Montejano, MS, CIC, CPHQ, VA-BC
World Health Organization Protocol for Cleaning Device Surfaces
1.     Before touching a patient
2.     Before clean/aseptic procedures
3.     After body fluid exposure/risk
4.     After touching a patient
5.     After touching patient surroundings
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