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ROI of MCE: Making your pitch for a cloud-based specimen tracking and courier management tool 
Boots on the ground deal with the daily challenges of on-time pick-up and drop-off, maintaining accountability, planning each stop and taking the best route to get there. Lab managers spend countless hours planning courier routes, examining and improving metrics and working with customers to solve issues.

If you’ve been working on ways to make processes easier while improving the customer experience, then keep reading! This month’s blog highlights important tips to help you present your case to management that migrating to a specimen tracking and courier management tool like MCE can increase efficiencies and eliminate lost specimens.
Finding the Right Courier
Your couriers are the face of your business, and who you hire matters. It’s important to select the right candidates who possess these qualities in order to run a quality courier team:

  • Professional Attitude – How well can they handle challenging situations?
  • Customer Service Experience – Do they have a positive, can-do attitude and generally friendly disposition?
  • Clean Driving Record & Background – Save yourself the hassle up front by hiring team members who already have a stellar driving record and show a history of consistency and reliability.
  • Couriers are Front Line Personnel – Regardless of whether they are an employee or an independent contractor, they are representing your business and should follow company guidelines.

Looking for ways to improve courier productivity and efficiency? Just ask!

MCE to the Rescue
Recently our support team received a call from an MCE customer with an emergency situation. A courier had placed an MCE handheld device in his coat pocket, and while moving an item out of his car he placed his coat on top of the car. You can probably guess what happened next. The courier drove off losing his coat and the handheld that was used to scan specimens and packages during pick-up and drop-off. However, all was not lost. With the help of MCE’s customer support, we were able to ping the device and using GPS tracking we found the handheld undamaged on the side of the road at an overpass. How’s that for results?

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