Put your local appraiser on your list
Usually, around this time of year you might find us encouraging you to get to know the elected officials who will be representing your district in the upcoming legislative session. But this holiday season, we have someone different to recommend for the top of your list: whoever is responsible for appraisals in your district. We're not talking about just sending a Christmas card and taking them an extra fruitcake, but that's a start.

Your local Appraisal District has the potential to play a very large role in your district's finances next year. With the move to current year values plus the ongoing compression of tax rates (to be determined by TEA in a manner that is still unclear), preliminary values will likely play a large role in the process. While we don't yet know if April or July values will be used, there is certainly the possibility that April values will be used to set or inform tax rates.

In the past, April values haven't mattered as much. They were a starting point, but everyone knew updated data would be available before it really mattered. That may not be the case this year, so this possibility needs to be communicated to your local appraiser to make sure there is a clear understanding of how those preliminary values might be used and how important it is to make the preliminary values as accurate as possible.

We will be providing details on the process once it is available, but for now, we strongly encourage all districts who don't already have a strong relationship with their local appraiser(s) to schedule some time for relationship building soon.
What's new on TEA's HB 3 Website
Make sure that you are regularly checking TEA's  HB 3 website , which contains all the information TEA has available regarding House Bill 3.

Yesterday, TEA released several new items of correspondence on the following topics:

Also posted yesterday (not technically related to HB 3, but still important), was information regarding:

New Teacher Mentoring
On December 5, TEA released the latest HB 3 in 30 videos with guidance, on the topic of New Teacher Mentoring.

Crockett County CCSD

We are regularly profiling different member districts in our updates. It's an opportunity for you to learn something you may have in common or to learn something new and unique about your peer districts.
School District: Crockett County CCSD - Ozona
Superintendent: Raul Chavarria
Region: 15

Location: CCCCSD - Ozona is in Crockett County and serves as the only district in over 3,000 square miles of territory. We are located on Interstate 10, about 80 miles southwest of San Angelo

Student Enrollment: 805 students in our district Pre-K through High School 

School Campus Configuration: Our rural district consists of 3 campuses. Ozona Elementary PK-5, Ozona Middle School 6-8, and Ozona High School 9-12

What are your district's points of pride?
  • Recently passed a $33.8 Bond to build a new Ozona High School Campus to serve that campus under one roof
  • Computer Science Team has won State for the last 3 years, and 6 overall
  • State Titles in girls golf, 2 in girls basketball, girls powerlifting, and 2 boys cross country titles
  • CATE courses offer our students a great head start on careers in several fields
  • We are a tight knit community that reflects in our student body

What makes your school district/community unique?
  • One of only 4 districts in Texas that is consolidated with county government
  • Our community has one of the biggest game dinners in Texas, Deerfest is a huge annual event
  • Economy is ranching, oil and gas, and soon to be wind farms
  • Ozona is known as the Biggest Little Town in Texas 

What challenges does your district face?
  • We are a property wealthy district facing challenges of Robin Hood and decreased State funding
  • Since we are an isolated rural district it is difficult attracting certified teachers
  • Meeting the demands of recent legislation with a limited staff
Interim Charges
In case you missed the overview of the interim charges issued in the Texas Senate and Texas House of Representatives, click on the links below to access a summary table, full list of the charges, or an abbreviated version of those charges that pertain to public education.
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