Tailgate Detection Systems
What is tailgating?
Also known as piggybacking, tailgating is when someone uses an access card, key, biometric identifier, or code to access a building and someone follows them without identifying themselves with the access control system, thus gaining unauthorized access.

Something as innocent as holding the door open for the person behind you to be polite, and something as malicious as an intruder grabbing the door behind an authorized user can put your business and employees at risk.

Tailgate detection systems make your access control system more secure
Tailgate Detection Systems detect tailgating by monitoring single-door access points. A field of infrared beams stretch across a doorway to monitor every individual passing through the door, only alerting security staff to the presence of unauthorized individuals.

Additionally, most tailgate detection systems have an option to sound a remote alarm instead of a local alarm.

Common uses of tailgate detection systems
  • Financial institutions - limiting access to cash and financial records, vaults, etc.
  • Healthcare - limiting access to patient records, sensitive areas, research buildings, and pharmaceutical storage
  • Pawn shops and sporting goods stores - limiting access to firearms and ammo
  • Government and law enforcement facilities - limiting access to records, storage, control centers, and even entire buildings
Did You Know?
Detex's tailgate detection system comes in two styles: annunciator and voice.

Most tailgate detection systems incorporate a door prop alarm because the doors they are used on should never be propped open.
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