May 13, 2024

Make a Call to Protect Cats!

SB 1459 by Senator Janet Nguyen (R-Huntington Beach) is bad for cats. Call today to ensure it doesn’t pass out of Appropriations! 

Existing law makes it a misdemeanor to abandon an animal in California. SB 1459 (Nguyen) would amend the Penal Code to codify that releasing “community cats” though trap, neuter and return (TNR) programs does not constitute animal abandonment. 

The bill is problematic on multiple levels. 

Unowned cats do not live healthy and safe lives, which is why many animal advocates oppose TNR programs that are not closely managed.

Nothing in the bill requires verification that TNR programs are legitimate or well-managed. There is no need to obtain specific permits, coordinate with local animal control agencies, or meet even minimum standards of care. 

The Pet Assistance Foundation and PETA submitted letters explaining in greater detail why this is a bad bill. You can read them both by clicking the letters pictured below.

SB 1459 (Nguyen) would also allow individuals to abandon their cats and claim they did so through a TNR program. Due to the lack of specific language in the bill, it would be virtually impossible for a prosecutor to prove those individuals were lying.

If California did want to adopt a new law regarding feral cat programs, it should be modeled after the ordinance enacted by Beverly Hills, which ensures proper oversight and carefully regulates all aspects of TNR activities in the city.

As written, SB 1459 (Nguyen) provides no oversight, and would open the door to countless cats being legally abandoned across California. 

Call Senate Appropriations Committee Chair Anna Caballero today at 916-651-4014 and ask her to OPPOSE SB 1459! 

Check out UnChainedTV's Coverage of AB 3162, the OCTO Act!

In response to a grotesque attempt to farm octopus by a company in Spain, Social Compassion in Legislation and Animal Legal Defense Fund teamed up with Assemblymember Steven Bennett (D-Ventura) to proactively ban the farming of octopus and the sale of farmed octopus in California with AB 3162, the OCTO Act!

Click HERE to read an article in UnchainedTV about our bill and watch the one-hour conversation Judie and Nick had with Jane Velez-Mitchell about this and other legislation SCIL is sponsoring this year. 

A huge thank you to Jane for always covering and promoting our work in Sacramento!

Getting all the pro-animal bills we are sponsoring this year through the legislature and signed into law requires financial resources. If you’re able to contribute now, we’d be most grateful. No amount is too small.


On behalf of SCIL and all the animals, thank you!

Judie Mancuso, founder/CEO/president

Social Compassion in Legislation

Social Compassion in Legislation
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