April 25, 2022
Dear Patrons,

We've only got one planet. Let's take care of it. Below, we've got ways you can make an impact in your own backyard. Want to go further? Try these:

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Move It Monterey County!
It’s time to MOVE Monterey County! Get outside and take at least one trip that's healthy for your body, mind or community. April 18-May 31, join the Move It Monterey County Challenge.

It’s as easy as 1-2-3
  1. Bike, walk, take a bus, or carpool to work, school, to shops or just for fun (bike and walk trips get double points)!
  2. Track your trip on the CommuteTracker app or on Go831.Rideamigos.com.
  3. You’ll be automatically entered to win a new bicycle after you track your first trip.
Electrify Your Ride
Compost Time
Food scraps now go in the green curbside cart to be composted with your yard trimmings and with the greater convenience comes a big reduction in harm to the climate.
Calling Citizen Scientists!
Turn your curiosity into impact and move the world forward by participating in a citizen science project!

There’s something for everyone, everywhere! Join others in participating in real (and fun) ways to help scientists answer questions they can't answer without you.

Looking for a local project? Try Snapshot Day (May 7, 8am-12pm)
The Futurist Edition
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