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Your firm probably relies on software such as CCH and Star to record crucial project, time-management, and billing information. However, retrieving this data in a user-friendly and manipulable format can be challenging. Even if you have someone capable of generating reports, the process often consumes several hours, even days, leading to frustration when attempting to answer data-related inquiries.


Now there is a solution that streamlines the retrieval and analysis of data from software systems like CCH and Star. This innovative solution enables seamless extraction of information and provides a user-friendly interface for understanding and manipulating the data.


Get the answers you need now with Scarpello Group's Practice Intelligence Solution. Your data will be transformed into an easy-to-use dashboard allowing you to segment your information with just a few clicks. Reports can be pulled on-demand instead of weekly, monthly or quarterly, so you can make decisions before it's too late. View the online demo now then contact us to get started.

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Use Your Data To Address These Common Issues


  • Manage employee participation to stay within projections
  • Set and monitor progress toward key milestones
  • Scale projects up or down based on budget and timing goals


  • Present project mix alongside usage and progress reports
  • Assign performance grade and adjust workload accordingly
  • Understand payment history and address significant delays


  • Understand impact of work in progress to create transition plan
  • Review client list and categorize by project types
  • Reassign clients based on client-specific requirements

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Scarpello Group is the sister company to Scarpello Consulting, a company that provides clients with a variety of cost-savings measures based on tax incentives and regulation such as Cost Segregation Studies and §45L Reports. Scarpello Group provides another business offering through turn-key data analytics. Together they strive to create the answers to unique business problems, focusing on identifying break-through cost-savings measures that allow businesses to operate more efficiently. LEARN MORE