Maintaining faith in the process of change even in the midst of chaos or loss allows us the healing attitude of compassion through all our life challenges and opens...
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Maintaining Faith in the Process of Change...
Maintaining Faith in the Process of Change
Maintaining Faith in the 
Process of Change
...even in the midst of chaos or loss. The transcendent view of life as a  process is the basis for recommending that we allow the body the freedom to do what it does best. This view allows us the healing attitude of compassion as we examine and reassess every aspect of our lives. Realizing that we are in process lets us relax with mistakes, enjoy the paradoxes which life proposes to us every day, and give ourselves permission to be just who and what we are at the moment.  In this excerpt from Life InWellness Series Class #12: TranscendingJim Morningstar shares how trust in the process of change can transform each moment of our life and open us to untold wonder and adventure.  Click below for the complete class on Transcending (52 min. for $9)  or the 1 2 Class Life InWellness Series.   
You are the Love and the Light...
...that the world needs right now. 
Be the LIGHT! Be the LOVE! 
Be the MASTER you know yourself to BE!
No one on the planet can take your place. You are a thread in the fabric of the universe that is uniquely yours and critical to the well being of us all. Please honor the DIVINE BEING that is your Core Self and let her shine more and more every day. jm

September Breathwork Certification Training Modules
  Register Today for one or all September 15-18 Breathwork 
Certification  Modules #6 - #9
*learn the specialized techniques developed by expert healers
*receive supervised experience and gain confidence as a  practitioner
*integrate breathwork into your professional practice
         * gain certification as a Professional Breathworker
Movement and Touch in Breathwork   with Steve Moe
  Steve Moe
Breathworker Certification Training - Module 6    September 15, 2016 9 am - 5:30 pm
Effective use of body contact and movement to support deep healing.       Tuition: $160 
Shamanism and Breathwork   with Teri Nehring, MSE, and Tamarack Song
Breathworker Certification Training - Module 9    September 16, 2016 9 am - 5:30 pm
Shamanistic techniques to fully embrace your sacred self in breathwork.   Tuition: $160
Teri Nehring
Breathwork and Healing Trauma with Jim Morningstar, PhD
Breathwork Certification Training - Module 7      September 17, 2016 9 am - 5:30 p m
Latest neuroscience applications and trauma research integrated with breathwork.  Tu ition $160
Sexuality and Ethics in Breathwork with Jim Morningstar, PhD and Steve Moe
Breathworker Certification Training - Module 8     September 18, 2016 9 am - 5:30 pm 
Boundaries and breakthroughs in healing with safety in breathwork.            Tuition $160

For more information on: Breathwork Training Modules or  contact:  Jim Morningstar  
Therapeutic breathwork has assisted professionals in a wide variety of the he
aling arts to facilitate their clients to:
  • Resolve chronic holding patterns in mind, body and spirit, 
  • Release emotional material stored within the cellular memory, 
  • Unravel relationship patterns that interfere with a sense of personal well-being, 
  • Experience self love in their bodies. 
Breathwork Modules Descriptions
Breathwork Modules Descriptions
These are all nonresidential day trainings held right at Transformations. Call or send in the registration to reserve a place in t he training circle.  Open the doors to continued learning and growing with one of the most incisive healing modalit ies available today.
Training Venue and Accommodations
Transformations is located on a tree lined property in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Hotels and motels are nearby and provide a range of lodging choices.  A list of these are provided includi ng contact information with registration or before hand upon request.  
The Transformations Breathworker Training Program is one of the longest standing breathworker training programs in the world. Our trainings are certified by the International Breathwork Training Alliance
and approved for continuing education credits through NBCC and NAADAC.