May 2024
LD 1714 Signed into Law!

Portland Recovery Community Center extends our deepest gratitude to the legislature and the Governor for truly making a profound impact in ensuring a sustainable funding source for recovery community centers in the state.

The enactment of LD 1714 establishes The Recovery Community Centers Fund, which provides $2 million annually to centers beginning in July 2025. This remarkable achievement is a testament to the unwavering dedication of community members, allies, Maine's recovery community centers, and countless others.

This would not have been possible without the leadership of LD 1714’s sponsor, Representative Ambureen Rana, the Appropriations and Financial Affairs Committee, and Taxation Committee. Thank you! 
Help Inform Research for Improving Health Outcomes 

Faces and Voices of Recovery has partnered with Oak Ridge Associated Universities (ORAU) and the CDC to conduct research aimed at improving the health of pregnant/postpartum people with substance use disorder. PRCC was selected as one of five recovery community organizations nationwide to participate in this project, which hopes to better inform continuing education and training for Peer Recovery Coaches. If you are a Peer Recovery Coach or a person who is pregnant, postpartum, or mother of a child under two years old, we invite you to provide your input during focus group sessions that will be held at a later date in June. Participants will be compensated for their time in the form of $50 gift cards. If interested, please submit your information through our registration link.
What's In a Definition?

Recent research involving over 9,000 individuals with direct lived experience of recovery from substance use disorder aimed to define markers of success in one's recovery process. Unlike previous approaches that imposed predefined definitions of recovery, this study listened to the collective voices of those in recovery to understand the essence of the term.

Through a cross-sectional survey drawing responses from diverse recovery organizations, the study identified core elements crucial to recovery, such as personal growth, integrity, emotional balance, and coping strategies. These findings underscored the multifaceted nature of recovery, highlighting the importance of not only addressing substance use but also fostering personal development, emotional wellness, and social connectivity.

The study's implications extend to treatment approaches, policy frameworks, and research methodologies, emphasizing the need for holistic support strategies that capture the complexity of individuals' recovery experiences and promote overall well-being.
Everyone Deserves Recovery

Laura Chritton, a dedicated Peer Recovery Coach, has been instrumental in providing support to individuals within Cumberland County Jail. Her work also extends beyond the facility as a consistent source of hope for those seeking recovery upon their release into the community. Working part-time with the Portland Recovery Community Center, Laura's work navigates the complexities of addiction and incarceration.

When PRCC began providing recovery support to the residents of Cumberland County Jail in May 2022, things looked a lot different. "We started with one group session over Zoom," Laura shared. "Now, we're facilitating 12 in-person groups a week, and they are overflowing – people want recovery."

A diverse range of evidence-based groups are offered, including All Recovery, SMART Recovery, and Multiple Pathways to Recovery, in which participants choose a format to focus on for two weeks. Laura’s training in trauma-sensitive yoga facilitation also adds a holistic dimension to her support, empowering individuals to heal both mind and body. Additionally, PRCC has a dedicated space inside Cumberland County Jail to provide 1:1 recovery coaching sessions.

“I see lights come on in people's eyes, see hope come alive in them, see people get connected,” Laura said. “Being able to share stories about former residents who now volunteer at PRCC and are in secure housing provides them with motivation.” Despite challenges, Laura emphasizes, "Everyone deserves recovery, and it exists within our community. Change is possible.”
Sober Drag Brunch Success 

Over 100 people gathered at PRCC for a morning celebrating community and queer recovery at Sober Drag Brunch on April 13th. Presented by DAA Queers & Queercovery, the event was hosted by GiGi Gabor and featured additional performances by Danielle Dior and Moose. No brunch is complete without refreshments, and we were fortunate to have Cocktail MARY on hand to keep spirits high with hand-crafted mocktails. Thank you to Gross Confection Bar who provided delicious treats to satisfy our sweet tooth. A number of people contributed their time to ensure the event ran smoothly, including Jim, Wendy, Travis H., Scott, Sarah, Alec, Andrew and many, many more.
Above: April's Volunteer of the Month, Jamie, lending a hand
Above: Event host GiGi Gabor with Leslie Clark and James aka Moose
Above: Isaac of Cocktail Mary mixing up delicious mocktail beverages
World Recovery Café

PRCC's monthly World Café series has continued strong, bringing together Veterans in April, the Latiné community this May, and hearing from Indigenous voices in recovery next month for June events. The first Sunday of each month is a three-hour gathering, followed by weekly breakfast recovery café meetings held on Fridays that promote conversation, understanding, and connection. These events are held in Portland but open to anyone statewide in recovery who identifies with an affinity group.

If you are an Indigenous person in recovery, please join us for the World Café event on Sunday, June 2nd from 12-3 pm. Engage in conversation and enjoy a meal together. Your voice matters!

Please RSVP by Friday, May 31st at 10am. You can also access the interest form here:   

Recovery Community Center Preparing to Open in Sanford
We are excited to share that Sanford Recovery Community Center is getting ready for their grand opening. Come lend a hand on Saturday, May 11th from 11:00am - 3:00pm while enjoying music, food and drinks. Volunteers are needed to help with light cleaning and organizing as they transition the space to be ready for members of the community. Be sure to submit your vote for their logo while you’re there!
Check out SRCC on Facebook or reach out to with questions. If unable to join their clean-up event in person, they've also set up an Amazon Wishlist with basic items and needs.
The HILLS Celebrates One Year Open 

Congratulations to The HILLS Recovery Center on recently celebrating one year in operation! The HILLS, opened by the Western Maine Addiction Recovery Initiative (WMARI), had their official ribbon cutting last year on April 25th. Located in Norway, the center is operated by trained peers in recovery and hosts weekly drop-in hours along with numerous community meetings and activities. The center warmly welcomes anyone impacted by substance use in the Oxford Hills region.

Jennifer Small MSEd, LADC, CCS is the Agency Director of Common Ground Counseling and serves as the Vice President on the Board of Directors for WMARI. On reflecting of the HILLS one-year anniversary, Jennifer said, “Having a recovery center was always part of WMARI’S vision, but even when describing what it would be like, if and when it existed, never in my wildest imagination could I have known how amazing it would be. If you have not ever been there, please stop in, I challenge anyone to not immediately feel the warmth and unconditional positive regard that exudes from every person, and every inch of The HILLS Recovery Center.”
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