Dear Friends,

The new year is well underway and today we celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, a national holiday that calls us to service in our communities. Did you know that it took fifteen years of persistent advocacy and the joining together of many people of color and allies before President Ronald Reagan reluctantly signed the King Holiday Bill into law, designating the third Monday in January as a federal holiday? Over those fifteen years, grassroots support built to include a six million signature petition and overcame strong opposition by some, particularly N. Carolina Senator Jesse Helms, to have this day recognized and honor the great civil rights leader. Like other movements, the recovery movement builds its momentum and persists over time, learning from those who have gone before us and standing on the shoulders of giants, like Dr. King. We are called to work for equality and equity within our recovery community, building leadership and advocating for those who are especially marginalized. In 1994 the King Holiday and Service Act was signed into law by President Bill Clinton to encourage Americans to find common causes and methods of improving their communities. Whether you choose to dedicate your service to the recovery movement, or other important needs and causes, I hope that you will lend your love, talent and support to the cause of your choice in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Leslie Clark
Executive Director
Portland Recovery Community Center
January 2024: Happy New Year!
Recovery community centers illuminate hope
Amidst the twinkling lights and festive cheer, Maine's Recovery Community Centers were proud to offer warm and welcoming sanctuary for those on the path to healing.

Many joined in celebrating the joy of recovery together for special events and activities designed to create a sense of connection and support. From heartening holiday gatherings to mindfulness workshops that nurture the spirit, Maine's recovery community centers offer hope and camaraderie.

This season, we embrace the gift of recovery, share stories of transformation, and create new memories in the company of a community that understands the true meaning of joy and resilience. Come join us as we celebrate 2024, and all the hope a new year brings. 

Ethics Training

PRCC, in partnership with HETI (Health Education & Training Institute) offered motivational Interviewing for the first time to 20 residents in the Department of Corrections in December.

This 12-hour class was provided to residents who have been trained by PRCC as Peer Recovery Coaches to enhance and build their coaching skills. Facilitated by, Stephen R. Andrew LCSW, LADC, CCS , the class was great success and will be offered again to residents in 2024. 
Problem Gambling Services
Did you know that Maine offers a self-exclusion program for gambling? Self-exclusion is a tool for people who recognize that they have a gambling problem and want to take active steps to voluntarily remove themselves from online and land-based gambling sites. 

With sports betting now available in Maine, please know that if you or a loved one is experiencing problem gambling, there is help. You can come in and meet with someone in-person, or go online to self-exclude from casino gambling and sports wagering. 
Our partners at AdCare Maine explain:

  • Casino Self-Exclusion list: The periods of time you can choose are 1 year, 3 years, 5 years, or lifetime. The Gambling Control Unit holds the official self- exclusion list and releases the names only to casino or slot establishments.

  • Sports Wagering Unauthorized Exclusion list: The periods of time you can choose are 1 year, 3 years, 5 years, or lifetime. You must complete one of the shorter terms before you can sign up for the lifetime list. The Gambling Control Unit holds the official self- exclusion list and releases the names only to sports wagering operators.

Check out the list of self-exclusion sites, including your local recovery community center, in the state of Maine: Self-Exclude Here
A Sweet Partnership

Treatment and Veterans’ Court participants and community partners from Cumberland, York, and Androscoggin came to PRCC to build gingerbread houses in December. 

PRCC and recovery community centers throughout Maine are proud to partner with the Courts to build a strong recovery community and help people achieve success and wellness.
PRCC is Growing!
PRCC is looking for new talent within our community. We are seeking people who are passionate about recovery and peer support services. Is that you?

At PRCC, we encourage our employees and volunteers to practice self-care, balance work/life, and keep their own personal recovery foremost in their lives. As a certified recovery friendly workplace, PRCC’s staff, peer leaders and volunteers are a wonderful team who work effectively together to make recovery available to all.

Join the Team...
Peer Support Specialist, Mike Bunker and Outreach Coordinator, Han Ferguson
are merry AND bright :)
Peer Recovery Coaches Julie Egdhal, Susie McKenna and Laura Chritton make the much anticipated 'SWAP' at the 2023 Staff Holiday Celebration
Peer Recovery Coach Coordinator, Kim Capone-Sprague, Special Projects Manager, Emily Davis & Peer Support Specialist, Liz Holder enjoy food, festivities, and laughs
at the 2023 PRCC Staff Holiday Celebration
Recovery Coach Academy

March 2024 Basics & Coaching class spots are still available!

Visit for more information and registration.

What's New
Check out some new offerings from around the state.
Celebrate 2024 with the support of your recovery community!
Building Recovery Community Throughout Maine

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