Dear Friends,

Gathering people together, creating recovering communities, and sparking relationships is the core of what we do. Relationships with others who have been in our shoes and understand what it means to recover is as powerful as any other kind of healing relationship. Being seen and understood allows us to make the changes that are necessary to lead us to a healthier life.
We all long to feel cared for, loved, and valued. Portland Recovery Community Center provides a place where that feeling lives, and community grows and flourishes. As we come to the end of 2023, we reflect with gratitude on the many gifts that being part of a recovering community brings – a place to learn and grow, to give back to others, and to learn new skills. All around the state of Maine, recovery community centers are growing and flourishing. They provide a beacon of light where each person can find their own particular pathway of recovery, without judgment. They can rebuild their lives, repair relationships with families, and begin to flourish and contribute to the broader community. And best of all, every offering, whether a cup of coffee, support groups and meetings, or a personal recovery coach, is offered absolutely free of charge.
The recovery community is growing and flourishing, but there is still so much more to do. We need to help more people find their way to freedom from addiction. We need to let every person know that there is help and that every one of us has the ability to do great things.
I wish you all the best of holidays. Thank you for supporting the work of recovery community centers throughout the state of Maine. Your contributions are helping grow the relationships and community that makes real change possible.
Leslie Clark
Executive Director
Portland Recovery Community Center
December 2023: Happy Holidays!
Recovery community centers across the state give thanks.

Across the state, recovery community centers celebrated Thanksgiving. As a community, we believe in the power of connection and the impact that collective generosity can have on the world.

As we experience the season of giving, we invite you to join us in our mission to make a difference. Your support through annual giving not only sustains our vital programs but also fuels the spirit of compassion that defines our organizations.

Together, we can create lasting change, providing hope and opportunity to those in need. Your contribution is not just a donation; it's an investment in a brighter future for individuals and communities. Join us this year in spreading love, kindness, and positive change. Together, let's make every season a reason for hope and transformation.

Prepping together at ARRC
Fellowship at PRCC
Baking at INSPIRE Elsworth
Recovery Council Session

The purpose of the Maine Recovery Council is to direct disbursement of Opioid Settlement Funds for specific uses throughout the state to address the opioid crisis in Maine. Their mission is to prevent the deaths and suffering of those most impacted, to support people in finding treatment and sustaining recovery, and to prevent the next generation from becoming harmed by poisonous substances and the disease of addiction.

PRCC Executive Director, Leslie Clark along with many advocates from around the state presented testimony to the Recovery Council session on November 2nd.

Leslie shared some of the priorities from the recovery community:
  1. Immediate access to medically supervised withdrawal, residential treatment and comprehensive healthcare, including behavioral health services.
  2. Ongoing recovery support services, including recovery community centers, recovery housing and recovery-friendly employment opportunities.
  3. Harm reduction resources, such as no-barrier access to naloxone.
Recovery Friendly Workplace Designates First Maine Business

In partnership with Pinetree Institute, PRCC is connecting employers with an array of community, prevention, treatment, and recovery support services including working with local Recovery Community Centers. Recovery Support resources and trainings both online and in-person, will assist Employers in promoting health, well-being and recovery for all employees and their families.

The program has commenced and had their first advisory board meeting in late November. RFW Director, Justin Reid announced on November 28th "LePage Bakeries of Lewiston, ME (DBA, Dave's Killer Bread & Country Kitchen) has been designated as Maine's very first Recovery Friendly Workplace!"
PRCC is Growing!
PRCC is looking for new talent within our community. We are seeking people who are passionate about recovery and peer support services. Is that you? At PRCC, we encourage our employees and volunteers to practice self-care, balance work/life, and keep their own personal recovery foremost in their lives. PRCC seeks to have a center that is filled with staff, peer leaders and volunteers who are engaged, satisfied, productive, and effective.

2023 Staff Retreat on Peaks Island, with laughs provided by Sean Sickles of Unplugged Arcade
Change Brings Opportunity
Congratulations to PRCC staff on their new roles!
PRCC employee, Emily Davis has accepted a new role as Special Project Manager under the leadership of Executive Director, Leslie Clark. "I continue to learn and grow at PRCC, I love seeing how much the center helps our community. I'm excited to oversee the team expansion and welcome more people to this wonderful organization."
Peer Recovery Coach, Josh Warren has accepted a new role as Statewide Recovery Coach Coordinator. "I hope to use my passion for helping others to empower the Recovery Coaching program - with the skills and support they need to thrive!" Josh will be facilitating and training groups taking the Recovery Coach Academy. Josh will also be hosting the next Learning Collaborative in January.
Han Ferguson is thrilled to jump into their new role as PRCC's Outreach Coordinator.
"Nothing could be more fulfilling than cultivating fellowship through food and community conversation." They are excited to keep PRCC's kitchen cooking with the World Recovery Cafe and expand DEI efforts and community partnerships. Han began their work at PRCC as the Volunteer Coordinator, becoming a welcoming and friendly face for members and volunteers alike.
Former Statewide Recovery Coach Coordinator Justin Reid has accepted a new position as Recovery Advisor, spearheading the Recovery Friendly Workplace initiative in the state of Maine. PRCC is proud to partner with the Pinetree Institue in this major project. "I am very excited to fill the new role with the belief it will have a positive impact on employers, employees and their families in Maine communities. Creating more safe spaces that people can find or grow in their recovery is very exciting!" 

Larry Labonte
Recovery Center

We are a centrally located resource, information and recovery center that provides nonjudgmental, safe place to find resources and services.

We focus on substance use disorder and mental health wellness with an all-inclusive agenda to assist in community wellness at no cost.

We respect all pathways of recovery.

Problem Gambling Services
With sports betting now available in Maine, please know that if you or a loved one is experiencing problem gambling, there is help. Go online or in-person to self-exclude from casino gambling and sports wagering.
Our partners at AdCare Maine explain:

  • Casino Self-Exclusion list: The periods of time you can choose are 1 year, 3 years, 5 years, or lifetime. The Gambling Control Unit holds the official self- exclusion list and releases the names only to casino or slot establishments.

  • Sports Wagering Unauthorized Exclusion list: The periods of time you can choose are 1 year, 3 years, 5 years, or lifetime. You must complete one of the shorter terms before you can sign up for the lifetime list. The Gambling Control Unit holds the official self- exclusion list and releases the names only to sports wagering operators.

Check out the list of self-exclusion sites in the state of Maine: Self-Exclude Here
Through the Season

The holidays can be a season of highs and lows for anyone, but if you're recently in recovery - or even several years into recovery - it can be an extra challenging time. The most important thing to remember is that you are not alone.

There is an entire recovery community in Maine that is rooting for you, and here for you through friendship, support groups, recovery coaching, and phone support.

Check out the PRCC Holiday Thrive Guide with resources and tips to help you continue to grow on your pathway of recovery, even as challenges arise.
Holiday Happenings
Check out some festive offerings from around the state.
Celebrate the holiday season with the support of your recovery community!
Building Recovery Community Throughout Maine

This newsletter allows us to connect with you, our Maine recovery community. Whether you're a person in recovery, family member, or ally, you are part of the solution to addiction. Published on a regular basis and sent via email, this newsletter provides updates and gives you an opportunity to help support recovery and spread the message of hope throughout the state of Maine. To learn more about PRCC, whose programs are funded in part by the Maine Department of Health & Human Services, visit our website. Please send any feedback or information you'd like us to include to