Program Manager's Corner: Are Relationships Really Important?
Ken Bloch, Program Manager

If you have been around a while, you may have noticed that some government purchases are not advertised. You may have also heard your PTAC Counselor talk about small business subcontracting opportunities. Being positioned to take advantage of each of these situations can be dependent on how well you build relationships.

When a Federal buyer is looking for that 3rd bid in order to buy $20,000 worth of the things you sell, will they have your name? Will they know that you are a reputable, capable and motivated company? Or will someone else’s company get a shot at that unadvertised opportunity?

When that fortune 500 defense contractor is looking for a woman-owned small business partner that can deliver for them on the next generation “widget”, will their Small Business Liaison Officer (SBLO) know about your hard-charging, competitive firm?

Both opportunities are better for you as a small business owner if the people that need the help know who you are. And the only way they will know it is if you spend the time to build those relationships. Obviously, in any kind of government procurement, you have to be capable and qualified, but sometimes they have to also know who you are. Maine PTAC can help you with that.