Magill's Literary Annual, 2024

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Magill's Literary Annual, 2023

"Thoughtful, detailed, and written with very high quality by respected scholars. Such reviews are not necessarily available online, making this well worth the cost and a valuable resource for academics, book lovers, or anyone interested in recent literary publications."


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When you purchase the current Magill's Literary Annual, we provide free access to 47 years of past Annuals. We even provide cumulative Author and Title Indexes online for easier access to content. That's over 8,900 reviews and essays on almost 50 years of the most important works of fiction and nonfiction. To make this vast collection available to your students and patrons you need only purchase the latest edition. 

Magill's Literary Annual, 2024

Magill's Literary Annual is the only Salem Press title that consistently and exclusively covers recent works of fiction and nonfiction across subjects, genres, and countries. Each year it critically evaluates 150 major examples of serious literature, both fiction and nonfiction, published during the previous calendar year.

The philosophy behind our selection process is to cover works that are likely to be of interest to general readers, that represent the major literary genres, that reflect publishing trends, that are written by authors being taught in literature programs, and that will stand the test of time.

By filtering the thousands of books published every year down to 150 notable titles, the editors have provided the busy librarian with an excellent reader's advisory tool and patrons with fodder for book discussion groups and a guide for choosing worthwhile reading material.

Pub. Date: April 2024

2 Volumes

ISBN: 978-1-63700-806-5

Price: $210

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The essay-reviews in the Annual provide a more academic, "authoritative" review of a work than is typically found in newspapers and other ephemeral sources.

The reviews in the two-volume Magill's Literary Annual, 2024 are arranged alphabetically by title. At the beginning of both volumes is a complete alphabetical list, by category, of all covered books that provides readers with the title, author, and a brief description of each work. Every essay is approximately four pages in length. The text of each essay-review analyzes and presents the focus, intent, and relative success of the author, as well as the makeup and point of view of the work under discussion.

To assist the reader further, essays are supplemented by a list of additional "Review Sources" for further study in a bibliographic format. Every essay includes a sidebar offering a brief biography of the author or authors. Thumbnail photographs of the book covers and the authors are included as available.

When you purchase the current Literary Annual, we provide online access to 40+ years of past Annuals. That's over 8,900 reviews and essays on a multitude of topics. This remarkable, complimentary archive is available through Salem Literature, our online host for great literary reference. To make it available to your students and patrons you need only purchase the latest, two-volume edition.

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