Dear Residents,

We recently received a few inquiries from residents concerning the water quality at our property. We want to more broadly address the water quality topic by providing further information. However, the summary is that there is no evidence of any water problems at Madbury Commons; and you should be advised of the following:
  • We replaced a hot water tank in our North Building this past Wednesday, November 24th. We recommend that residents run all the faucets in their units for a few minutes in order to clear any naturally occurring sediment that may have been sitting in the pipes after this replacement.
  • The Town of Durham provides our property with water and sewer services. This department conducts frequent testing of the water quality in order to ensure compliance with state regulations. This published report for 2021 can be accessed here: 2021 Town of Durham Water Quality Report
  • Our property was recently built in 2015 with high quality piping that have shown no signs of corrosion or breakdown that would cause potential contamination.
  • As an additional safety precaution, we have contacted the Town of Durham Water Department in order to request an immediate on-site water quality test to confirm they are delivering water that meets quality standards and poses no risk to our residents. We will report on the results of these tests as soon as we receive them. In the meantime, the department has stated that the water is safe for resident use.
  • It is common to mistake potential bacteria hazards that may form on faucets as a water quality concern, but this build-up is most frequently due to the lack of routine cleaning of these areas. We have provided some resources and information below to help keep our residents and community informed and provide some helpful tips to keep your living space clean and allergen free!

  • Keep areas around water sources dry, like wiping around faucets with a towel.
  • Control humidity levels in your unit with a personal dehumidifier.
  • Leave bathroom doors open after showering to promote ventilation.
  • Clean your apartment regularly using commercial cleaning products, soap and water or a bleach solution. Baking soda and a bristle brush may be used on hard surfaces. Be sure to towel dry the surfaces quickly after cleaning!
  • Regularly clean and/or replace items like bathmats which can hold moisture and promote mold growth.
  • Regularly clean and dry HVAC vents and replace air filters *Madbury Commons takes care of this for you!
  • According to the CDC, mold exists everywhere, on surfaces and in the air, and it is rarely dangerous!
  • Most fungi (mold) do not produce mycotoxins which is the factor that would negatively impact your health.
  • Mold comes in many shades, and color (black, for example) is NOT an indication of danger when it comes to mold.
  • Reports of toxigenic molds that cause health conditions growing inside homes is quite rare. More often, household molds issues can be resolved with regular cleaning, especially of moist areas in bathrooms and kitchens.
Content Source: The CDC and National Center for Environmental Health websites
As always, our residents' well-being and safety is our top priority. We want to assure you that we are taking all necessary steps in order to allay any concerns and will follow up with any additional information we receive from the Town of Durham Water Department.

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