Today's Mission - Grow your own crystals!
Materials needed:
  • 1 cup or jar (ideally clear)
  • Pencil or stick
  • Thread (5-6")
  • Crystal material (Epson Salt, Alum, Sugar or Borax)
  • Food coloring *optional
Skills to practice:
  • Measuring
  • Observation
  • Laboratory Skills
  • Form a pipe cleaner into different shapes to make crystal ornaments.
  • Make multiple types of crystals at the same time using different solutions. Then compare crystals.
Step 1- Pour distilled water into a saucepan or microwave it so that it is warm. Stir in your crystal salt. Use a 1:1 ratio for salt/water.
Step 2- Add a drop or two of food coloring (optional). Don't add too much color or it will effect the solution.
Then set it in a safe place where it won't bumped or jostled.
Step 3- Tie one end of a thread around the middle of the pencil. Drop the line into the solution and rest the pencil on the opening of the jar/cup. Make sure the thread is just brushing the bottom.
Step 4- Crystallization will happen over 1 - 3 days as the solution cools and condenses. Crystals will form to the solid thread. Don't pick up the jar or it'll damage the crystal growth. The crystal solution must stay absolutely still.
For bigger crystals you can pluck a single crystal out of the formation you just grew. Repeat the process above, but instead TIE YOUR CRYSTAL "BUD" to the thread when you drop it into the solution. This will continue the growth pattern started by the original crystal and make your bud grow!
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