Today's Mission : Create Atmospheric Pressure
Materials needed:
  • Pie pan
  • Clear glass wine bottle
  • Food coloring
  • Water
  • Small birthday candle

Skills to practice:
  • Measuring
  • Observation
  • Laboratory Skills
  • Preschoolers and Kindergartners can have fun making their own cloud. Watch this short video.
Step 1- Have a parent light the bottom for the birthday candle so the wax melts and you can stand it upright on the center of the pie pan. Once it is, melt a little more wax around the bottom of the candle to make sure it is sturdy.
Step 2- fill the bottom of the pie pan with about 1/2" of water and swirl in some food coloring.
Step 3- Light the birthday candle and carefully place the upside down bottle over it so that the candle is inside the bottle and also standing upright in the pan of water.
Step- Observe the water rise and eventually fall.
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