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February 2016 
Highlighting Clean  Energy Careers 
Title slide for Overview Session

Youth in the Merrimack Valley, especially in communities that have been impacted by environmental degradation, need to be aware of the new career opportunities available in the green economy.  To address that need, the MVWIB was awarded funding from the Mass Clean Energy Center to disseminate information on STEM careers in clean energy.
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This year began with a historic climate agreement that was hammered out in December by negotiators from 195 nations. The Paris Agreement, forged at the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference (also known as COP21) commits nearly every country to lowering greenhouse gas emission to help avoid the most drastic effects of climate change.  This accord, combined with EPA and state initiatives, is certain to ignite the already sizzling green economy - and create a variety of jobs to support this growth.

Slide from Workshop 2

To help inform youth about all of these new opportunities we've created the MVWIB Clean Energy Careers Workshop Series.  The series has one 30 minute and four 60 minute sessions, each with a teacher's guide, handouts, and worksheets. All use PowerPoint to convey key concepts and encourage discussion, group projects and individual research. 

Title slide for Workshop 4.

As sessions end, students talk about an actual clean energy job opening they would be interested in pursuing. The series is available electronically to the general public and can be accessed here.

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