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E-Update | May 2023

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MSU EDA University Center Work Highlighted in EDA Newsletter

Dr. Rita Fields and Chris Miller, two REI Innovation Fellows and current Consultative Panelists were highlighted in the most recent EDA Newsletter. The article, EDA University Center at Michigan State Bridges Gap Between Academia and Economic Development Practitioners, was published on Tuesday, May 9th, on all of EDA's platforms.

"The EDA University Center for Regional Economic Innovation (REI) at Michigan State University connects economic development practitioners in the state’s underserved communities to much-needed resources and technical support.

As one of EDA’s 69 University Centers nationwide, REI is a laboratory of change where researchers are developing new innovative tools, models, policies and programs that help local leaders generate job creation and boost economic development – especially in Michigan’s distressed communities.

The research work doesn’t stop in the Ivory Tower. REI partners with local communities – from urban cores to rural areas – to learn about their challenges and test new ideas."


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