JUNE 2024

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Welcome to this free resource of weekly Eco-Tips for use in bulletins, newsletters, websites, etc.

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122. June 3: FOOD

EASY: Veggies are good. Especially think root crops like carrots. Carrots provide the absolute most nutrients for the least emissions. The Climate Diet by Paul Greenberg

CHALLENGING: It takes some time, but try planting your own carrots or other healthy crop.


123. June 10: ENERGY USE

EASY: When possible, use stairs instead of elevators. It doubles as exercise.😊

CHALLENGING: During hot weather minimize air conditioner use by using a small fan or maybe install a whole house fan.


124. June 17: SHOPPING

EASY: When shopping, consider an email or digital receipt instead of a printed copy. Digital receipts are easier to save and organize, plus they reduce paper waste.

CHALLENGING: When making major purchases, consider the environmental impact, particularly production and transportation, and seek ways to minimize these.


125. June 24: NATURE

EASY: Take a walk in the woods for fun and exercise. 

CHALLENGING: Keep natural wooded areas clean by taking a non-plastic container to pick up trash.


I offer you these Eco-Tips as a resource for those you serve.

My own faith tradition is Catholic and thus Pope Francis' teaching in Laudato Si' inspired these ways of Living Laudato Si'. Of course caring for creation transcends religions and is indeed a universal undertaking. It cannot be done alone.

You are welcome to reprint these in bulletins, newsletters, and on your website with the credit, "By Susan Vogt,"

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Since those we reach may be in many different places regarding environmental efforts, I offer 2 options each week:

EASY: Some of us are just starting to awaken to the need to care for creation, or have been busy with jobs, raising a family, or other social justice commitments. We may not have much discretionary time. OR, it may simply be a relief to note, “Hey, I’m already doing this one!” Good.

CHALLENGING: Others have been engaged in the environmental movement for awhile and are ready to take a bigger step. To multiply our efforts, we are called to go beyond our own personal lifestyle, and to make bigger, systemic changes. Consider how to impact change in our neighborhoods, cities, country, the world.

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