Volume XI | November 6, 2020
November Newsletter

We may soon find out the result of the 2020 MTNA and MMTA auditions, after this weekend, hopefully.

Congratulations to all the teachers whose students participated in the 2020 Piano Showcase, sponsored by the Missouri Symphony League. The judges were Cameron Dibble and Jeffrey Savage. The selected students will perform in a hybrid format (live-in-person and video), courtesy of MC22 Mediacom, streamed from the First Baptist Church in Columbia on November 15, Sunday at 4pm. The event is open to the students' families and teachers, and ticket reservation is necessary due to COVID. For information, visit themosy.org/piano-showcase/ .

Next Up: The 4th MMAMTA/Odyssey Concerto Competition application is due on Tuesday, January 5. Due to COVID, we are unable to provide a chamber ensemble, however we are hoping to identify THREE concerto winners this year, $300 honorarium per performer in February's concert, and, unlike other years, open to ANY printed repertoire, so long as you provide an orchestral accompaniment and the composition is memorized. Of course, there is no way to compare a work by Haydn to another by Stravinsky... Therefore, one of the three winners will be given a preference to pre-1800 composition and/or a vocal entry. For details, visit https://www.odysseymissouri.org/concerto-competition.html

I have also been thinking about the annual MMAMTA Teacher's Recital, prior to the 4pm MMAMTA Winter meeting. I am leaning towards postponing the Recital... Let me know what you think?

Lastly, check out the shared events, below: Helen Hayne's student performs a recital, CMU Scholarship opportunities, Odyssey concert tonight at 7pm on YouTube, and more!

Hope you are well,

Ayako Tsuruta
MMAMTA President
Share Your (or Your Student's) Music Video!
A student of Helen Haynes, Jacob Hopkins, gave a solo recital on August 30 that included his own compositions! Enjoy his performance from that concert. Jacob is a student of Helen's Jefferson City Music Academy. Find out more about JCMA at http://www.jeffersoncitymusicacademy.com/ .

Do you have a video of yourself or your student(s) you would like to share? I will be happy to include one or two videos every newsletter. *Disclaimer* The videos are to be circulated within our MMAMTA membership only; you need to directly ask the performers for permission to share elsewhere.
PDF Application is now available online: https://www.odysseymissouri.org/concerto-competition.html
Tonight at 7pm, Odyssey Chamber Music Series presents "Love & Friendship" of Robert Schumann, Clara Schumann and Johannes Brahms. Enjoy performances by ALL MMAMTA teachers, plus their students, the BNB Piano Trio who opens the program with epic first movement of Piano Trio No. 1 by Franz Schubert.
Deborah McAlexander was a longtime piano teacher in Jefferson City, and is a member of MMAMTA. She has more recently moved to Texas to pursue her dreams, and continues to inspire others by sharing her personal experiences. See her video, and visit her web site!