Volume XX | May 19, 2021
MMAMTA May Newsletter - Part 2

The MMAMTA Spring ZOOM meeting is 11am this Friday, 5/21 at this link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/81202116288 . We will discuss the annual events calendar, so you participation is highly recommended. This meeting likely will be just over an hour.

Below, you will find ZOOM's full invitation, the agenda (including a draft of the 2021-22 Events Calendar) and the Treasurer's Report.

Another reminder, as I begin preparing to create the MMAMTA Handbook: Pleaase consider renewing your annual MTNA membership online: https://www.mtna.org/MTNA/Sign_In.aspx . Every year, compiling a membership list for the MMAMTA Handbook is a challenge due to teachers waiting until the Fall to renew. The deadline is July 1, but I highly recommend renewing it now, while we have your attention (and before the summer break).

This is my last e-newsletter as the MMAMTA President. It has been a pleasure serving you, and I look forward to remaining active in this teacher's organization. Look forrward to hearing from the next president, Renan Leme, with Dr. Peter Miyamoto as the new VP.
Wishing you a great summer!

Ayako Tsuruta
MMAMTA President
MMAMTA Spring Meeting: ZOOM
Ayako Tsuruta is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: MMAMTA Spring Luncheon Meeting
Time: May 21, 2021 11:00 AM Central Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 812 0211 6288
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Meeting ID: 812 0211 6288
Find your local number: https://us02web.zoom.us/u/kdp0Kwchqg
MMAMTA Spring Meeting, May 21, 2021
Zoom Conference https://us02web.zoom.us/j/81202116288 – Friday, 11:00 A.M.

In attendance: Nancy Dreier, Renan Leme, Peter Miyamoto, Ayako Tsuruta, Janice Wenger
Regrets: Carrie Conklin, Judith Shaw (will try after 12pm), Melissa Simons


        I.           Member News
  • This is Ayako’s last meeting as the MMAMTA President.
  • Please welcome Renan Leme as the next MMAMTA President.
  • Dr. Peter Miyamoto is the next MMAMTA Vice President.
  • IMPORTANT! Please sign-up for, or renew your membership by July 1.

      II.         Review: MMAMTA Musicathon
  • Jefferson City – Jan Houser, chairperson.  
  • Columbia – Renan Leme, chairperson.
  • Notes from Spring 2020: Create flyers earlier and share with the receiving organization. (Should be done at the beginning of the new calendar year.) Suggestion: Identify the recipient, and get their people involved – i.e., advertisement earlier, get the word out.

    III.           MMAMTA Summer Camp and Music Scholarships. Melissa Simons, chairperson
  • Due to Covid-19, auditions were held entirely online (video).
  • Result:
  1. Anthony Wu (Dr. Peter Miyamoto) to Eastern Music Festival in NC: $750
  2. Josephine Turner (Jan Houser) for enrollment at MU: $600
  3. David Ashcroft (Jan Houser) for UCM Piano Institute: $150
  • Reminder for 2021: String players now have a grant towards accompanist, $50/entry. *If we go virtual, perhaps we should reconsider?
  • Discuss: Melissa is willing to continue Chair, so long as we continue the virtual format.

   IV.        Treasurer’s Report (Below)
Checking Account Balance: $ 6,122.09
Savings Balance (Money Market Acct): $15,877.76
Total Assets: $ 21,999.85
 V.           MMAMTA Executive Officers

Term: 2 yrs, June to May 2021 - 2023 2023-2025
President Renan Leme Peter Miyamoto
Vice President Peter Miyamoto (Vacant)
Treasurer Janice Wenger Janice Wenger
Secretary Carrie Conklin Carrie Conklin
Immediate Past President Ayako Tsuruta Renan Leme
   VI.           Event Chairs:

Event / Position
Certification - Anne Manahan
Evaluative Auditions - C – Janice Wenger, JC – Jan Houser
Fall Workshop - Peter Miyamoto
Handbook - Web Master (Ayako Tsuruta)
MMTA District Auditions - Nancy Dreier
Musicathon - C – TBA, JC – Jan Houser
Historian - Nancy Dreier
Membership - Melissa Simons
Publicity - (Vacant)
Scholarship Auditions - Melissa Simons (if it remains virtual)
Student Preview Recital, Student Honors Recital I - C - Judith Shaw, JC – Jan Houser
Student Honors Recital II - Peter Miyamoto
Teachers Recital - (Vacant)
Web Master - Ayako Tsuruta

 VII.           Discuss 2021 - MMAMTA Preview Concert and MMTA Honors Concert
a.      MMAMTA will pay for the FBC rental fee, $200 (need to check). With no added fee, more students will participate.
1)     2019 MMTA Preview Concert was held at the Columbia College’s Bixby Hall, September 15.
2)     2019 MMTA Honors Concert I (1:30 and 3pm) was held at the Columbia College’s Bixby Hall on October 27.
3)     2019 MMTA Honors Concert II was held at the First Baptist Church on November 2, First Baptist Church.

VIII.           Discuss 2021 / Review 2019 Evaluative Auditions, Nov 23 (Sat) in Jefferson City and Columbia
a.      Columbia chair – Janice Wenger ; Jefferson City chair – Jan Houser
b.      Everyone who participated in Columbia used online application in 2020. Janice created a new form, to be reviewed.
c.      2021 Date – Nov 20, Sat before Thanksgiving; Location – Tentatively Columbia – MU; Jefferson City - ?

   IX.           Discuss 2022: The 5th MMAMTA/Odyssey Pre-Collegiate Aria/Concerto Competition
a.      Three 2021 Winners: Kristen Yu, piano (students of Mabel Kinder), Benjamin Smith, cello (Kirk Trevor), and Nicole Parker, cello (Eli Lara).
b.      MMAMTA contributed $300, which covers the Judges’ fees. ($150 per judge, this year composer/violinist/vocalist Hans Bridger Heruth and pianist Peter Miyamoto). Due to 13 applicants in 2021, Odyssey supplemented additional $75 per judge for the longer hours of judging. PROPOSAL 1: Odyssey requests $300 support from MMAMTA for 2022.
c.      2021 Baroque Concert this year is February 19, sponsored by the Paul D. Higday Mozart Trust* (not 2021). Due to C-19, Odyssey kept our commitment flexible to best accommodate the performers and the public. Due to C-19, we minimized the chamber ensemble to an orchestral accompaniment.
d.      Proposal for 2022 Competition – Three winners, one is guaranteed to be from the Baroque/Classical and/or Vocal category.
e.      Discuss: Do we consider “Memorization is to be optional, but encouraged.”

     X.           Discuss 2023: Plowman Chamber Music Festival – Master Classes
a.      Heads up - Odyssey would like to request $600 support from MMAMTA in Spring 2023 for Piano, Cello and Horn classes.
   XI.           Upcoming: 2021-2022 Handbook
a.      Webmaster/Ayako can compile the PDF Handbook (no print), so long as it is okay for it to take a while. (July/August is dedicated to promoting Odyssey)
b.      Webmaster’s honorarium: $150 for managing the MMAMTA.org web site.
c.      Chair descriptions probably should be updated?

 XII.           Discuss: MMAMTA Workshop with Diane Hidy – When?
a.      This is a presentation given in conjunction with Odyssey’s “Kids@Heart,” currently scheduled Friday, May 27, 2022. There is some flexibility in moving this to Saturday afternoon, but it was Diane’s request to have the concert Friday night, then workshop on Saturday.
b.      Ayako has not spoken to Diane as of May 17.
c.      MMTA will discuss later, but it sounded like they will honor our postponed event.

See below for notes from the past meetings:
d.      Before Covid-19, Diane Hidy was secured for August 21 concert and 22 Fall Workshop, both to take place at the First Baptist Church of Columbia. Concert would have been presented by the Odyssey Chamber Music Series in Columbia.
e.      Ayako has been in touch with Diane, who has retreated from San Francisco home to a more remote, secure location.
f.       As of April, Diane thought August was too early to travel, but will work with us as she is able.
g.      In case of liability, is MMAMTA insured through MTNA?
h.      Alternatively, postpone Fall Workshop to January 2021 (usually Odyssey presents Kids@Heart mid-month), or even July or August 2021.
i.        MMTA matching grant (MMTA - $1000; MMAMTA is responsible to cover all costs, i.e. Hidy honorarium $3000, traveling expenses ca. $500 and Broadway Hotel accommodation ca. $350) is technically valid until February 2021, but given the circumstances, we could ask for an extension.

Notes from the Winter Mtg: 2020 Fall Workshop
a.      Diane Hidy has been secured, for 8/21 (Fri) Tribute Concert (as Odyssey’s Kids@Heart), and 8/22 (Sat) 9:30am-2pm Workshop at FBC First Baptist Church.
b.      2020 Local Association Matching Grant Deadline for application is February 1. Hidy’s $3000 fee will be matched by MMAMTA ($1500 MMAMTA, $1500 MMTA) – or does it have to be $2000/$1000?
c.      Concern – Odyssey being an ensemble series, it would be in their best interest to have ensembles in our program. Attention Grabbers Book 3 (?) has a collaborative work that might work; Piano Town series may include Teacher/Student collaboration. Repertoire suggestions?
d.      Program: Students mostly, aiming for 60 min of music (with intermission – or not?), plus Diane is willing to play something (not her own composition).
e.      Odyssey requests all performers to submit their biographies. Because the children are involved, headshot will be optional, but the information must be uniform (everyone has a headshot, or none at all). They will also be asked to sign a disclosure of consent for Odyssey to record audio and video, and take photos to be used for its publicity purposes.
f.       Diane’s agreed fee and requirements: $3000 plus traveling expenses and a hotel accommodation. As Odyssey guest, it would be possible to book Diane and her friend a hotel room at the Broadway across the street from First Baptist Church at a non-profit rate (ca. $159 for $179 rooms), tax free. For some reason that’s a busy weekend in Columbia?? Better to book this now. (Odyssey can book, to be reimbursed later with the airfare.)
g.      *REVISED* PROPOSAL 2: Odyssey requests $100 from MMAMTA for facility ($50) and publicity support ($250), and all donations, which will be used towards printing programs (usually $600+). Odyssey will sell concession; separate table for Diane Hidy materials. An MMAMTA volunteer is needed to sell Diane Hidy’s merchandise.

XIII.           Other items:
·        2021 MOSY Piano Showcase – tentative information will be shared Friday
·        Congratulations to Judy Shaw, who is the new Federation State President!
·        Columbia Music School @ MU (Ayako Tsuruta) – hiring volunteer instructors (token honorarium), September 2021. Great opportunity to teach elementary and pre-collegiate theory and group piano ensembles on Saturday mornings, 9-11am at MU. Mature and responsible high school piano students will be considered for Internship.
·        People on the move – New home address for any members?
·        Teachers who have space for more students next academic year: Judy Shaw, anyone?

XIV.           2021-2022 Calendar of Events at Glance:

Date / Fee? / Event / 2021
Sept 19? (Sat) $31? MMTA District Auditions, MU
Oct 1 (Thu)? $25 DUE - Missouri Symphony (MOSY) Piano Showcase Application
Oct 31 (Sat), 10am-5pm Missouri Symphony (MOSY) Piano Showcase Auditions @MU SMC (first choice); Memorial Baptist Church
Nov 1 (Sun) $20 DUE - MMAMTA Evaluative Auditions Application
Nov 5(Thu) - 8 (Sun) $36 MTNA / MMTA State Auditions, MU
Nov 15 (Sun) 4pm MOSY Piano Showcase Concert, Missouri Theatre to be confirmed
Nov 20 (Sat) MMAMTA Evaluative Auditions (Como & JC)
-Odyssey’s Kids@Heart moves to May 2021 (S 18)
Nov 20-28 MU Thanksgiving Week
Jan 3 (Mon) $30 DUE - MMAMTA/Odyssey Pre-Collegiate Concerto Competition Application
Jan 8 (Sat 3pm; 15th snow) MMAMTA/Odyssey Pre-Collegiate Concerto Competition
Jan 23 (Sun) 3pm/4pm MMAMTA Piano Teachers Recital & Winter Mtg, Columbia
Feb 17-18 (Thu-Fri) 7pm, (Snow Feb 20, Sun 3pm) Odyssey: Baroque Concerto Dress Rehearsal, Concert
Feb 20 (snow Mar 6) - MMAMTA Musicathon (Capitol Music Company, Jefferson City)
Mar 5 & 6 - MMAMTA Musicathon (Jerry’s?, Columbia)
Feb 25 (Fri) & 28 (Mon) $10/20 National Federated Music Clubs (NFMC) Junior Auditions @TBA
Feb 26 (Sat) $10/20 National Federated Music Clubs (NFMC) Junior Auditions @TBA
March 5, TBA Collegiate Federation Auditions
March 26-30 MTNA National Conference, Minneapolis
March 26 – April 3 Spring Break
April 15 (Fri) $20 DUE - MMAMTA Scholarship Auditions Application
April 17 (Sat) - MMAMTA Scholarship Auditions in Jefferson City
May 16-17 (Mon-Tue)? $41-46 Piano Guild Auditions (Jefferson City)
May 17-20 (Tue-Fri) Or 24-26 (Tue-Thu)? $41-46 Piano Guild Auditions (Columbia)
May 20 (Fri) 11am MMAMTA Spring Luncheon - TBA
May 27 & 28 (Fri & Sat)? - MMAMTA Fall Workshop: Diane Hidy Tribute Concert 7pm Friday in collaboration with Odyssey CMS; Fall Workshop Saturday 9:30am-2, 3pm. Lunch at nearby restaurant (Eleven Eleven?) instead of BYO lunch; no food at FBC.
Peter Miyamoto: Recital Series TBA

Odyssey Chamber Music Series 2021-2022, Season 18 (draft)
7/2 COMO 200th
10/15 Fall Reunion
11/5 Musical Cornucopia
11/19 (or 20) Brahms Piano Trios
12/3 A Grand Holiday
1/8 (Sat 3pm; 15th snow) Concerto Competition
2/11 (13th snow) African American (1st ed.)
2/18 (20th snow) Baroque Concerto
3/18 M-Odyssey
4/29 Spring Festival
5/27 Kids@Heart: A Diane Hidy Tribute

The 2021 Piano Showcase
-----Original Message-----
From: Nancy Griggs <nancygriggs67@yahoo.com>
Sent: Tue, May 18, 2021 12:16 pm
Subject: 2021 Piano Student Showcase details to share

2021 Piano Student Showcase Details:
Application Deadline:  October 4, 2021
Entry fee:                          $25 per student.
Audition Date:                October 30, 2021, 10:00 am – 5:00 pm 
Location:                           Memorial Baptist Church is reserved, but we are hoping to get Sinquefield Music Center. MU has us on the list if SMC opens up. Students may audition in-person or, if they prefer, they can audition by video.
Rehearsal & Performance:         November 14, 2021. If MMTA state auditions are held November 14, the Showcase will be moved to November 7th.
Location: Missouri Theater. Rehearsal: afternoon time TBA. Showcase at 4:00 pm. As last year, the student may choose to submit a video for the Showcase.

The Piano Student Showcase is for mid-Missouri students (kindergarten through 12th grade). Mid-Missouri is defined as District IV (Central) of MMTA and includes the following counties: Audrain, Benton, Boone, Callaway, Camden, Chariton, Cole, Cooper, Gasconade, Howard, Maries, Miller, Moniteau, Monroe, Montgomery, Morgan, Osage, Pettis, Phelps, Ralls, Randolph, Saline.

2021 will be a year of trying to return to the ‘new normal.’ We do not yet know if the opening of schools and businesses will be successful. However, we hope you will encourage your students to participate in this wonderful piano competition. 

We will continue to offer options. Therefore, if a student does not feel safe auditioning in-person or if selected, performing in-person at the concert, we have established options for those students to submit video auditions and/or video performances. The decisions of in-person vs taped are separate for each event – a student may submit a video audition but decide to compete in person at the Showcase Concert. Likewise, a student who appears in person for an audition, may have a family or health change and not be able to perform in person at the Showcase Concert and therefore decides to submit a video performance.

For those who participated in 2020, the procedures remain the same - impartial judges from outside the Columbia area select the students for the Showcase. Students are auditioning with students of their own age group and a proportionate share of each age group will be in the Showcase. All students participating in auditions receive a participation Certificate. A list of students selected for the Showcase is sent to teachers within 24 hours of auditions, with copies of evaluation comments by the judges. Every student participating in the Showcase receives a Certificate indicating the number of years they have performed in the Showcase and those with 5 or 10 years receive trophies.

Any questions can be addressed to Nancy Griggs, nancygriggs67@yahoo.com, 573.489.4999
The latest Calendar of Events and Deadlines can always be viewed on our webpage, https://www.mmamta.org/calendar.html . Here are some that are coming up in the next month or so.

  • 20-21 [Thu-Fri] Piano Guild in Columbia - online. Contact coordinator Nancy Dreier for details.
  • 21 [Fri] 11am: MMAMTA Spring Luncheon via Zoom:  https://us02web.zoom.us/j/81202116288
  • 26-27 [Wed-Thu] Piano Guild in Columbia. Contact coordinator Nancy Dreier for details.
  • 30 [Sun] 3pm, Broadway Christian Church Amphitheater, 2601 W Broadway in Columbia: Odyssey Chamber Music Series presents "Vox Nova," an award-winning, Columbia's premiere a capella ensemble in Odyssey's last performances as its ensemble-in-residence. Program includes works from Haiti, Canada, Ireland, Philippines and South Africa. Broadway Christian Church Amphitheater (outside), 2601 W Broadway in Columbia; social distancing is encouraged. Rain venue: First Baptist Church, 1112 E Broadway in Columbia (limited to 80 masked audiences). Free admission; donations are accepted. www.OdysseyMissouri.org .