July 2023



Today, beside the everlasting sea,

Whose waves are creeping up the level sand

And gently breaking on the pebbled strand,

How great a bliss existence seems to be!

-July, by Jennette Fothergill

Great Good People of MLT:

Interns, 2023’s Version

Every summer, the Mendocino Land Trust hosts a couple of young people as interns. While they come from different backgrounds and fields of study, they are always passionate about looking after our environment and eager to put their studies into hands-on practice. (Sometimes it is a bummer to have to tell them how much conservation work seems to involve a desk….) 

While we strive to make their experience enriching and fulfilling, and dare we say, fun, our interns have traditionally livened up the place and offered us the opportunity to show off and fine-tune our work.  We are so excited to have them here.

Meet The Interns


Riverside Cleanup and Swim

Sunday, July 30, 2023

Frank Hunter McKee Memorial Park, Potter Valley

9:30 AM - 11:30 AM

The big coastal cleanup day isn't till September, but a popular Russian River spot near Potter Valley could use a little TLC. (Trash+litter collection!)

Join the MLT Outdoor Social Club, and guest star/old friend Amy Wolitzer, to enjoy a morning at this beautiful creek locale and leave it a lot nicer than we found it. 

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Great News!

We are delighted to report that MLT just received approval – and funding! - -from the California Coastal Conservancy to plan another leg of the California Coastal Trail in Mendocino County. We will plan for a section of the California Coastal Trail extending from the Point Arena Cove up a fairly steep slope to the bluff on the north where it will intercept with the blufftop trail leading to the Point Arena Lighthouse. The connector trail will likely include resting areas and interpretive panels. We are excited to continue working on this with our partners, the Arena Cove Stewards. It was their ace work that sent the project our way in the first place.

While this is just the very beginning of the process, we are so excited to bring a little more coastal trail to the coast. And just in time, too, because we are just about to wrap up our trail-building work with the Save the Redwoods League on the Lost Coast. Stay tuned for more news on both projects in the upcoming months!

Save The Date

Coastal Cleanup Day – Saturday, September 23, 2023

Please note, the 2023 cleanup will take place a week later than usual on Saturday, September 23 to avoid conflicting with Rosh Hashanah. Some things remain the same, though: You will have more than a dozen local cleanup sites to choose from on and around September 23. As the coordinator for all of Mendocino County’s CCD sites and events, we will keep you posted on every last detail. 

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