May 2024



"In every walk with nature, one receives far more than he seeks."

John Muir

Connecting Our Trails

Coming Memorial Day Weekend

A beautiful trail just got better and will be open to the public come Memorial Day weekend!

MLT has completed a multi-year-effort to connect trails in Shady Dell, making it easier to enjoy longer and more satisfying hikes.

Projects such as this take time, but patience and partnerships pay off for everyone.

This land is owned by the Save the Redwoods League (SRL), and it is adjacent to the Sinkyone Wilderness State Park at Usal. MLT designed and built the first trail at Shady Dell, the Peter Douglas Trail, which is an extension of the Lost Coast Trail.

The Peter Douglas trail was completed in 2016.

After the completion of that trail, Director of Stewardship Nicolet Houtz  worked with SRL to come up with the idea of a trail that would loop around the property connecting to the Peter Douglas trail. Houtz wrote a grant application to the State Coastal Conservancy for the planning, design, and permitting of two new trails, the Ridgeline Trail and Creekside Trail. Funding was awarded for this project in  2018.

The Ridgeline Trail was a difficult alignment to figure out, given the steep terrain, a spider web of logging roads, and constraints imposed by the property's boundaries. Once this alignment was determined, the required California Environmental Quality Act surveys were completed and a coastal development permit obtained; Houtz wrote a second grant for the construction of the trail

So, here we are years later. Good things are worth the wait! And we're proud to invite you to a hike where you can see for yourself the fruits of this project.

An effort such as this takes time and teamwork. MLT had seven trail crews (California Conservation Corps and American Conservation Experience) help build the trail, along with contractors, MLT staff and interns. The loop trail, a combination of the Peter Douglas trail and the Ridgeline trail is approximately 7 miles. The Creekside trail, a shorter trail along Shady Dell Creek, is 0.5 miles. 

Join us, if you can, on June 15, 2024 at 10 a.m. for an MLT staff-led show and tell hike on the new trail. Information will be available on social media and our website.

To learn more about the many wonderful trails in Mendocino County, click here.

Help Conserve

a Redwood Forest

Please join us in the Hathaway Creek Forest campaign!

We need your help to protect 38.5 acres of second-growth redwood, Douglas fir, and Bishop pine forest at the headwaters of Hathaway Creek, a tributary to the Garcia River near Point Arena. Donations will be matched by funds from MLT’s new Redwood Protection and Restoration Endowment, up to $20,000, thus doubling donor impact. 

Please consider making a gift today.

“I wince every time I see redwood forests cut down when I know their natural life cycle should reach more than 2,000 years. The giant, ancient trees growing in Mendocino County in the 1800s are largely gone, replaced by second-and third-growth younger forests. What if we allowed more of those trees to grow back to their full potential?”

– Forest owner, Point Arena

(Read how the owner acquired the forest here.)

A conservation easement on the forest will protect it forever from being commercially harvested. The conservation-enthusiast owner who bought the forest in 2021 to save it from commercial logging wants to donate the conservation easement to the Mendocino Land Trust. The last piece in the puzzle is the stewardship and legal defense fund that MLT needs to monitor and enforce the easement in perpetuity. Please join other supporters in this worthy project.

Through the easement, MLT will protect Hathaway Creek and preserve the forest (including the Bishop Pine Forest Alliance Sensitive Natural Community, coast redwoods, and other trees), rare and sensitive plant species, and wildlife habitat on the property. 

Community engagement at the property, with the landowner’s permission, may include interpretive hikes and/or environmental education opportunities, as well as scientific research or study.

To complete this project, we need to raise $20,000 from our supporters which will be matched by MLT’s Redwood Protection and Restoration Endowment, a new endowment at MLT created with the generous support of an anonymous donor that seeks to conserve, protect and restore redwood forests. 

All donations will be used solely to fund the creation and stewardship of the Hathaway Creek Forest Conservation Easement. The $40,000 raised will be for the monitoring and legal defense of the  property’s conservation values. Any additional funds raised will be applied to the transaction costs needed to complete this conservation easement.

Click here to help the redwoods!

Monarch Butterflies - A Comeback Story

by Michael Heine

The western monarchs (Danaus plexippus plexippus) are currently dispersing inland, seeking out milkweed to lay eggs and complete another generation cycle on their endless migration.

While not genetically distinct from the monarchs that inhabit east of the Rocky Mountains (a natural if somewhat permeable population boundary), western monarchs are unique in that instead of overwintering in the upland forests of central Mexico, they do it right here in California. Each year, one generation of monarchs will hunker down in groves of trees within two miles of the ocean to wait out the worst of the winter until spring when they can set sail once again.

They prefer cypresses, pines, and even the invasive eucalyptus tree to shield them from the winds and rains, and the humid ocean air provides a buffer against freezing temperatures and desiccation. These congregations are amazing displays where it seems that the very leaves themselves are replaced by butterflies.

Once this cohort sets off, a three- to four-generational process begins anew. The monarchs fly inland seeking their only host plant, milkweed, to lay their eggs, and then they die. While the larvae only eat milkweeds, adults can feast on a variety of nectar plants to keep their strength up for the journey. This new generation will feed on the milkweed until it’s time for them to set off, repeating the cycle until the autumn generation goes back to the coast to find those groves once again.

In recent years, we have nearly lost this incredible species due to a combination of habitat loss, pesticides, and climate change. Where once the skies were clouded with millions of monarchs in the 1980s, a low of 2,000 adults were recorded in 2020. Fortunately, in 2022 they rebounded to over 300,000, a 22-year high!

The current total for 2024 stands at about 233,000, lower than the historic populations but cause for celebration and action to preserve these incredible butterflies for future generations.


This is just one of Mike's recent stories in Wildlife Wednesdays, seen on MLT's social media and our website. To read more of these, click here.

Lights! Camera! Redwoods!

Giants Rising: "A Tale of Awe, Wonder, and Connection

Mendocino Land Trust is honored to sponsor the astonishing film, Giants Rising at the 2024 Mendocino Film Festival on June 1st and 2nd.  Giants Rising “tells the epic tale of America’s most iconic forests, including the mission to help them rise up from the past –and help us ALL face the challenges of the future...”


Produced and directed by award-winning filmmaker, Lisa Landers, the film takes the audience on a stunning journey deep into the iconic forests of Northern California, Mendocino, Sonoma, and Humboldt, and highlights the natural history, cultural significance, science, and the vital importance of some of the oldest, and largest species on earth.

MLT also is sponsoring a visit by Ms. Landers, who will join Executive Director Conrad Kramer for a discussion immediately after the Saturday screening in the Mendocino Festival tent.

Ms. Landers will speak about her experience creating the film, and the ongoing work of redwoods preservation. Both screenings will be preceded by MLT’s two-minute Pelican Bluffs reel.

We hope you can join us in Mendocino on Saturday, or at the Coast Cinemas in Fort Bragg on Sunday, also at 1p.m.

 “You do not need to know the science to be just floored by these trees. But awe can be inspired even more if you learn a bit more about them.” ~ Zane Moore, UC Davis


Saturday June 1st, 1p.m., Festival Tent at Hill House, Mendocino Village, discussion to follow.

Sunday, June 2nd, 1p.m., at Coast Cinemas, Fort Bragg – film only, no discussion.

MFF Ticket info:


Film link:

Can You Spot Friends

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We depend on you to step up and support our day-to-day operations. Here's a list of those who have done just that. These donors have allowed us to use their names for a deserved recognition. Many others preferred to remain anonymous, but are at our side, too! We thank them all!


"(M)" indicates a monthly donor, which is much appreciated!

Numbers in parenthesis indicate the total number of anon donors.

"(T)" indicates a Trail Keeper - to learn more, click here.

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Liquid Fusion Kayaking

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Healthcare Foundation

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Suzanne Tennyson (M)

Thanksgiving Coffee Co.

Thompson Gas LLC

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Valerie Frey

Yolanda & Bruce Fletcher


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Alarcon Insurance Agency

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Barbara Barkovich

& John Redding

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Eric & Elaine Wing Hillesland

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Linda Brown & Tom Tillotson

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Marilyn Lemos

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Myra H. Beals

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Pamela Hahn

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Richard & Susan Strom  (M)

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Rod & Kathleen Cameron

Roger Sternberg & Diana Weir

Ron Campbell

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Caryl Carr

Donald Hess

Douglas Forsell

Douglas Smith

James & Marcia Nybakken

Jeanne & Richard Jackson

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Jim Elias

Leslie & Eric Dahlhoff

Lisa Joakimides

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Mary Heibel

Robin Applegarth

Roma Robbins

Susan Bernardo

Tom & Anny Reidenbach

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Karen Gridley

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SHN Consulting

Engineers & Geologists

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Mendocino Craft Farmers


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Elizabeth Macfarland

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Peggy Backup

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Sam Goldberg

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SunHawk Farms (T)

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Visit Mendocino (T)

Yoriko Kishimoto


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Andrea Woodside

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Brent & Debra Salmi

Bruce & Madeline Feingold

Charlotte Waggoner

Colin Davison

Daniel Sicular & Hana Levin

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& Victoria Burton Burke

Diane Barrett

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Don & Marcia Ehrlich

Erik Wyner

Faith & Kyle Yazel

Gary Grimm & Ann Holsberry

Greta Vollmer

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March Conservation Fund

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Warren & Janis Watkins



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Brooks Thorlaksson

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Christina Rutkaus

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Wendy Hoyt



AmazonSmile Foundation

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Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation

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