Chakras 101 Class

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I am so excited to begin these classes here in the studio. Every few weeks we will feature a new class. Our first one, Juicing 101 was a lot of fun. The goal is to provide interesting and vital information.
Join us Wednesday Dec. 10th for our second class:
Chakras 101 at 11:30 am in the studio!  
Chakras 101 Class 
  Chakras 101 - Wednesday - December 10 at 11:30-12:30

   with Dianne Harris  


This workshop gives a simple and clear explanation of the Chakra system which are seven centers of anatomy, psychology and energy in the body.

This information bridges modern health science to ancient yoga knowledge. The Chakra system explains the link between body, mind and spirit and how subtle energies translate into the chemical and electrical signals that orchestrate physical health and mental well-being.   


The aim of this workshop is to give you simple information that you can use in any physical practice to help you gain strength, find balance and heal.


Knowledge of your Chakras gives you the ability to....

  • Release physical & mental blocks to reach your full potential
  • Recognize imbalance & switch on healing systems
  • Experience harmony & well being
  • Open to greater consciousness

*Please bring a yoga mat if you have one, dress in easy lose fitting clothes and come with a light stomach.   

About Dianne


Education: B.S (Honors) in Biochemistry & Medical Cell Biology, 500 hour certified Yoga Teacher and Yoga Therapist, Pilates Instructor, specialist training in Therapeutic Restorative Yoga plus continuous education by various courses in anatomy, physiology and health sciences. Before teaching yoga, my career for over 20 years was in health sciences, research and clinical trials. So my yoga teaching focuses on integrating my yoga training and my belief in holistic principles of health with my scientific knowledge. My approach is to empower people to be mindful and aware of their body and their body/mind connection.  When we cultivate body awareness we are able to tune into the subtlety of our energy and we find tremendous strength, healing and balance.  My knowledge of the Chakra system comes from formal training and workshops and from utilizing and experiencing these principles in every yoga class and yoga therapy session that I give, plus my own personal practice working to be strong, healthy and pain free and find peace and harmony in my life. 
We look forward to the next class in the series!
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