'Strengthening a Learner's Transition to Independence'

Welcome to the MITTIN Memo

As we kick-off the 23-24 school year and Phase V of our MITTIN work, I wanted to take the opportunity to celebrate by looking back to all that was accomplished in just the last year with our MITTIN project.

The accomplishments in 22-23 / Phase IV: created a strategic plan * updated branding * relaunch of 11 one-touch modules * 6 new designed topics for future module development * 2 PLC cohorts * in-person PLC hosted in Detroit * collaboration with Wayne RESA assisted technology consultants * PLC/teacher created lesson plans * brought together PLCs, SMEs and all those connected with MITTIN for in-person professional learning * Legal work included: privacy policy, terms of service, non-discrimination policy, ethics/anti-harassment policy, collaborative agreement, student permission slip * launched monthly editions of the MITTIN Memo * testified in front of the legislature * connected with legislators at the Chamber Conference * secured funding for Phase V * invited to the Governor’s signing of the education budget * developed and launched a teacher survey * updated literature review * relaunch the MSU / Ionia research * obtained SAMS, DUNS, UEI, grants.gov numbers and accounts * adopted the project management software * presented /networked at: SLIP * developing leaders * MTSA * MCEC * MAASE Summer Institute * MAC Conference * Special Olympics Leadership Conference * Livingston * Ingham * Waverly Transition Expo * Region 2 & 4 Transition Coordinators * Wyandotte Schools * Special Education Expo @ Macomb ISD * began writing federal grant applications, attended to organizational details through Leadership Team Meetings, Partner Update Meetings, MITTIN Chair Updates and MITTIN Committee Meetings * and launched our new website…

It has been a busy and productive year -- one where we ground our work and the decisions we make each and every day by prioritizing kids. Thank you to all our partners in making 2022-23 a successful year.

If you are interested in learning more about MITTIN, you can begin by visiting our website: mittin.org.

Best Regards,

Dr. Derek Cooley,

MITTIN Committee Chair

World of Possibilities Special Needs EXPO @ Macomb ISD

On Saturday, September 30th, MITTIN was excited to be part of the World of Possibilities Special Needs EXPO at the Macomb Intermediate School District. Students, parents, agency and school personnel were able to experience and explore the library of MITTIN modules as well as ride a firetruck, interact with a petting zoo, see a magician and enjoy a new book -- fun and learning was had by all. Exploring the many connections which were made, we are looking forward to implementing MITTIN resources to support learner's in Macomb County.

Michigan Autism Conference:

Planting the Seeds of Change for Tomorrow's Growth

On Thursday, October 12th and today, Friday, October 13th, MITTIN is connecting with participants at the MAC Conference in Kalamazoo, Michigan. With over 900 in attendance, the MITTIN booth is busy helping practitioners interact with the MITTIN modules, access resources and sign up for the October launch of the 23-24 MITTIN Professional Learning Committees (PLCs). It is great seeing the interest in transition resources and the hundreds of amazing people working to strengthen independent living skills of students.

Newly released MITTIN One-Touch Modules

On September 29, 2023, the wonderful designers at Great Lakes Reality Labs released our newest redesigned one-touch modules "Clean a Bedroom" and "Use an Oven." These modules are now available -- along with all of MITTIN topics, on STEAM, the Google Play Store or can be downloaded via a zip file at mittin.org.

Use a Stove

When the learner begins the module, they will find themselves in the kitchen. They will be making a grilled cheese sandwich using the stove. The module will track their progress and provide feedback on their performance based on the specified task analysis and grading criteria.

Instructional Steps Include:

  1. Wash hands prior to handling food.
  2. Place the pan onto the stove.
  3. Set the burner to medium.
  4. Assemble the sandwich - butter the bread and place the cheese on the bread.
  5. Move the sandwich to the pan.
  6. Cook the first side.
  7. Flip over the sandwich in the pan.
  8. Cook the second side.
  9. Move the sandwich to the plate.
  10. Turn off the stove.

Clean the Bedroom

When the learner begins the module, they will find themselves standing in a bedroom. They will be tasked with cleaning up the bedroom. The module will track their progress and provide feedback on their performance based on the specified task analysis and grading criteria.

Instructional Steps Include:

  1. Throw away the aluminum can.
  2. Throw away the wad of paper.
  3. Dust off the desk.
  4. Straighten the blanket.
  5. Place pillows on the bed.
  6. Put away dirty laundry.

MITTIN Committee Member Spotlight

Pamela Cunningham

Along with being an awesome member of the MITTIN Committee, Pam will be presenting at the National Conference for the Assisted Technology Industry Association (ATIA) in Orlando, Florida. Pam is an Assistive Technology Consultant with Wayne RESA, and is part of the wonderful Wayne Assistive Technology Team (WATT). WATT aids in providing various assistive technologies for students across Wayne County. Pam has earned a Masters in Special Education from Eastern Michigan University, and a MS-Ed. Leadership, Curriculum and Instruction and Administration from Concordia University.

Pamela has been a Special Education Teacher for 24 years. Her experience includes: Special Education Transition Teacher, Curriculum Consultant for Special Education, Assistive Technology Consultant, and Teacher Consultant for Inclusion. She holds endorsements in the areas of Emotional Impairments, Autism Spectrum Disorders, and Learning Disabilities. She has worked as an Assistive Technology Consultant for twelve years. She has experience working with a variety of augmentative alternative communication (AAC), assistive technology (AT) tools and Universal Design for Learning (UDL) principles to support students and educators.

MITTIN Implementation

MITTIN is on the go throughout Michigan. Over the next few weeks you can find us connecting with parents, agencies and educators to strengthening a learner's transition to independence at:

Michigan Autism Conference (MAC) Kalamazoo

Wednesday, Thursday, & Friday, October 11-13, 2023

Clare Gladwin RESA

Friday, November 3, 2023

What is MITTIN?

MITTIN – MIchigan Transition To INdependence is a dynamic collection of modules and curricular resources which foster the development of independent living skills in the home and community. Designed to support special education transition-related instruction, these resources are free and available to for all parents, schools, educators and learners in Michigan. MITTIN is a partnership of the Michigan Association of Administrators of Special Education (MAASE), Michigan Council for Exceptional Children (MCEC), Great Lakes Reality Labs (GLRL) and Public Policy Associates (PPA). These resources can be found at: mittin.org

Safety and Independence at Home

MITTIN currently has seven topics which focus on strengthening skills which promote safety and independence at home. 

  • Change a Light Bulb
  • Clean Flat Surfaces
  • Clean the Bedroom
  • Put Away Groceries
  • Use a Microwave
  • Use an Oven
  • Use a Stove

Safety and Independence in the Community

MITTIN currently has four topics which focus on strengthening skills which promote safety and independence in the community.

  • Cross the Street 
  • Shop for Groceries
  • Walk Through a Parking Lot
  • Use Self-Checkout
For more information, visit our website:  mittin.org