15th Annual MIT CDOIQ Symposium, July 20-22, 2021 (Virtual)
The MIT CDOIQ Symposium is the biggest CDO and Information Quality thought-leading organization in the world. Our agenda is packed full with 83 sessions, 3 keynotes, and as always, a truly outstanding line-up of speakers and content. We are delighted to inform you that as of today, over 700 CDOs and Data Leaders have registered. Click here to view the demographics of the attendees!

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The University of Arkansas at Little Rock currently offers an online Graduate Certificate. Dr. John Talburt is working with the Graduate School to qualify the CDO-1 Certificate Program as part of the University's "Prior Learning Credit" (PLC) Program. Under the proposed PLC Program, students could count the completion of the CDO-1 Certificate together with other professional experiences as a graduate course credit toward the Graduate Certificate. Students earning the PLC credit for CDO-1 would only need 3 online courses to earn the Graduate Certificate. Click here for details to upgrade your professional credential.
Featured Speakers
Automated & Autonomous Vessels & Dilemmas of Data Sharing in Maritime
Iiro Lindborg, Co-Founder & VP of Customer Solutions & Concepts, Groke Technologies, Finland
This presentation will focus on challenges of data sharing in maritime and will also look at the solutions that have been piloted in the autonomy domain and what kind of data sharing is needed in order to succeed in the field of autonomy.
This presentation will also provide latest update to current state in maritime autonomy and what lies ahead. Session 10E, 11:30am-12:30pm, July 21, 2021
An AI Governance Framework & Methodology to Mitigate Corporate Risk
Navrina Singh, Founder & CEO, Credo AI, USA & Jay Zaidi, Managing Partner, AlyData, USA
Corporations must be accountable for the actions of their AI — or risk collapsing their credibility, brand reputations and bottom lines. They have an obligation to develop their AI in a responsible manner, by focusing on the concepts of empathy, fairness, transparency and accountability.
Implementing an AI Governance framework mitigates corporate risk. A robust AI Governance capability closely aligned with the data and analytics strategy, is vital for eliminating bias, providing model transparency, and establishing accountability.
Based upon multiple client engagements across financial services, federal government and hospitality verticals, AlyData will present a proprietary AI Governance framework and methodology that corporations can implement to achieve mitigate risk and improve regulatory compliance. Session 6D, 4:35pm-5:15pm, July 20, 2021
Data Governance Management System Drives the Data Catalog
Robert Lutton, Symposium Co-Director; VP, Sandhill Consultants, Canada & Jeffrey Giles, Principal Architect, Sandhill Consultants, USA
Enterprise Data Governance is complex, given the need for strategic Data Governance programs for improving enterprise performance and addressing the multiplicity of Data Management objectives.
CDOs and Data Leaders are accountable for managing and resolving the complexities.
During this presentation, we will illustrate an approach than can rapidly achieve effective data governance capabilities, while at the same time identifying the critical elements for the Data Cataloging technology.
Sandhill will review this approach based on our unique cloud based, automated Data Governance Management System (COMPASS) and Erwin by quest Data Intelligence data catalog.
Sandhill will demonstration of how a data government system drives the data catalog. Sandhill will be using their unique cloud based, automated Data Governance Management System (COMPASS) and Erwin by Quest Data Intelligence data catalog.
Session 5D, 3:30pm-4:30pm, July 20, 2021
Weekend Reading
The New Tech Tools in Data Sharing
By: Massimo Russo & Tian Feng
March 15, 2021

"There’s gold in them thar hills,” cried Yosemite Sam in the old Bugs Bunny cartoons, but he never got to enjoy it.

“There’s gold in them thar data,” Sam might say today. But he’d be equally disappointed unless he was able to navigate the host of data-sharing challenges that we detailed in previous articles in this series. 
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