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We feel richly blessed to be able to share these Daily Mindful Sur-Thrival exercises that can help you thrive in adversity and live in the present moment. Each exercise includes a powerful affirmation you can use within your mindfulness practice and they are specifically designed to help you go from surviving to thriving, or Sur-Thriving as we like to call it. In these beta editions of our newsletter we will be experimenting in several ways and invite your input. For example, we are providing 2 versions of the Featured Exercise. Please share your feedback on which version you prefer, the image which is of a card from one of our new card decks, or the text version from our Bless the Mess Journal.

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Our BLESS the Mess Journal is filled with positive, inspiring, and uplifting mindfulness activities, tips, and affirmations to help you Sur-Thrive in a challenging world. The 53 unique mindfulness exercises will help you embrace any uncertainty and "bless the mess" whatever that happens to be.

This self-discovery journal can help you go from surviving to thriving, or Sur-Thriving as we call it. The mindfulness exercises are provided in four quadrants. You can focus on abundance and prosperity, health and well-being, empowerment and enlightenment or on raising your consciousness.
Exercise 1: Embracing A New Normal

Objective: Using times of upheaval to see challenges as stepping-stones.

1.  Sit down and take a nice deep calming breath.

2.  Make a pact to try and see things with a fresh perspective today and with a child's eyes.

3.  Now think of a challenge you are going through.

4.  And in this quiet space, ask your mind what you need to be made aware of today to get through this challenge and use it as a stepping-stone. Ask for a message to help you start fresh and see where your mind takes you.
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