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November 2023

Principal's Message

Dear Parents and Guardians,

October was highlighted by our Homecoming festivities, including a lively dance, spirited pep rally, and the exciting Powderpuff football game. The energy and enthusiasm our students brought to these events was remarkable, and we thank everyone who participated and helped make Homecoming a success.

Now, we look ahead to the month of November, and it's an important time for our students and families. On November 4th, we will reach a significant milestone as we close the first quarter of the school year. This is an official marker of progress for the first semester, providing both students and parents with a formal indication of where they stand academically.

Parent-Teacher Conferences are scheduled for the evenings of November 9 and November 15. These conferences are an excellent opportunity for you to learn more about your student’s progress and how we can best partner to support their success. Our teachers are looking forward to sharing insights into your child's academic journey and discussing strategies for growth.

It's essential to note that the grade indicated at the end of the quarter is not the grade that will be entered on your student's transcript or calculated into their cumulative grade point average. However, it serves as a vital indicator of their progress, halfway through the semester.

In line with our commitment to the MGSD Strategic Objectives, our high school staff is now in our second year of developing an understanding of the CASEL Standards and Social Emotional Learning (SEL) how we can apply them in our classrooms. Our goal is to nurture and support not only our students' academic progress but also their social and emotional learning and growth. We believe that by fostering these skills, we are preparing our students to succeed in all aspects of life.

We look forward to the upcoming Parent-Teacher Conferences and encourage your active participation in your child's educational journey. It's through our combined efforts that we can help our students achieve their full potential.

Thank you for your ongoing support and partnership.


Mitch McGrath


A reminder to all parents and guardians: if you are coming into the high school during the school day (meeting with a teacher, meeting with a member of the Student Services team, IEP meeting, 504 meeting, etc.) you will need to sign in as a visitor in the main office. This will require having your driver's license. Thank you for your attention to this important matter of school safety.

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Main Office: 7:15-4:15

Student Services: 7:15-3:45

Attendance: 7:15-3:45


Main Office: (608) 221-7666

Fax: (608) 221-7690

Student Services:

(608) 316-1373

Athletics: (608) 316-1395

Attendance: (608) 316-1393 or contact via email

School Website
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  • Nov 2- Orchestra Concert 7:30
  • Nov 3- No School (Staff Professional Day); AP Exam registration deadline
  • Nov 9- Parent Teacher Conference Night (1 of 2) 4:00-7:00
  • Nov 10-11- Drama Club presents A Trip to the Moon
  • Nov 15- Parent Teacher Conference Night (2 of 2) 4:00-7:00
  • Nov 20- Parent Forum 6:00 IMC
  • Nov 22-24- No School


  • Dec 2- Show Choir Preview Show
  • Dec 4- Future Freshman Night
  • Dec 6- Band Concert
  • Dec 13- Financial Aid Night
  • Dec 14- Orchestra Concert
  • Dec 18- Choir Concert
  • Dec 25-Jan 1- No School

News from Student Services


Advanced Placement (AP) courses are designed to be introductory, college level courses taught at our high school, by our teachers. They are rigorous courses that offer students the opportunity to prepare themselves for their post high school academic plans. A student enrolled in an AP course has the option to take the AP Exam(s) at the end of the year. To see how AP exams will transfer at UW System campuses use this tool.


AP Exams are standardized exams designed to measure how well the student mastered the content and skills of a specific AP course. Exams at the end of the year are designed to test the student’s accumulated knowledge from their learning through a multi-part exam. This year some AP courses will move to a digital format for assessment. This means that all tests are completed using a school-issued Chromebooks on test day. Courses with a portfolio, such as AP Art and Design have students submit a portfolio of work for scoring online. Regardless of the exam format, based on a student’s score as well as the college or university a student attends, college credit may be awarded which is another benefit of taking an AP class and exam. The cost for each AP Exam is $98, with an additional Monona Grove administration fee of $5.00 per exam for a total of $103 per AP exam. If there is a financial hardship that would prevent a student from choosing to take an AP exam, please contact Matthew McLaughlin at or talk to your counselor prior to the registration deadline.

Students will need to commit to and pay for any AP Exams that they will take in May by November 3, 2023. More information has been provided directly to students in their AP classes. Please note there is also an Advanced Placement Course Page on the MGHS website with helpful resources for parents/guardians and students where a Registration Form (or click on the text) will be able to be found. Please be sure students and parents/guardians fill out this form together when possible. There will be no late registrations nor will refunds be issued for students who choose to not take any exams after the registration deadline of November 3, 2023.


Seminars are for Junior students and their parents/guardians to continue exploring post-high school options and to talk about the college application process. Remember, while families may have completed the process with an older child, your current student has never done this before, and they likely have many questions and things change from year to year that would be helpful to note! 

There are two different seminar focuses. One seminar is centered on four-year colleges, including the application process and common questions and answers. The other has a focus on other post-high school opportunities and will share information specifically on two-year/technical colleges, the military, adult apprenticeships, and full-time employment. For both, you will have the option of either participating in person or virtually. Help your student take charge of their postsecondary planning by signing up today for a Junior Seminar using the Sign Up Genius Links provided below:


The ACT test will be administered to all MGHS juniors on Tuesday, March 12, 2024. The ACT includes reading, math, English, science and writing. It is designed to assess a student’s readiness for college, provide information to build rigorous high school course plans and identify career areas that align with their interests. This ACT is an official test date and students may elect to have scores submitted to colleges for admission purposes. Pre-administration sessions will be administered prior to the testing date; students are encouraged to consider which colleges they would like to have their ACT scores reported to so they are prepared to enter codes for each college/university. Participation in the ACT is mandatory for all juniors; please schedule non-school related appointments outside of this day. 

Check out these free ACT test prep opportunities on the ACT site. Students may access an ACT study guide, study tips, a full-length practice test and video lessons for free!


Save the Date! Financial Aid Night - Wednesday, December 13, 6:00-7:30 pm

Juniors and seniors and their parents/guardians are invited to join us on Wednesday, December 13 at 6:00 pm for Financial Aid Night in the MGHS Auditorium. Joselyn Diaz-Valdes, Assistant Director for Advising & Outreach for the UW-Madison Office of Student Financial Aid, will provide families with a general overview of the financial aid process as well as to share information about important FAFSA changes that are effective this year. The information that will be shared applies to all colleges and is NOT specific to UW-Madison. The window to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) in December. (For those of you who have older students who have been through the financial aid process, note that this is much later than the typical October 1 rollout and will return to October 1 in future years.) Join us to learn the most current financial aid information from an expert in the field! Watch your email/IC for additional details later in November.

** Please note that Financial Aid Night is primarily for current seniors and their parents/guardians; juniors and parents/guardians may also be interested in attending for a preview of the financial aid process. 

Postsecondary Planning

There are MANY resources for seniors posted on our MGHS Postsecondary Planning page; encourage students to review the site which includes information for both college bound and non-college bound students. Also a reminder that counselors are available to meet with seniors to help as they work through their plans for life after high school!

Scholarship Information

Scholarship information can be found on the MG website in the student services tab under "Post-Secondary Planning". Most colleges/universities also offer their own scholarship opportunities for incoming freshmen. Students are highly encouraged to explore these by contacting their future school(s) of choice or by visiting school websites.

College Goal Wisconsin 2024

Seniors - the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) will open in December! The FAFSA is the form students need to complete to apply for financial aid, such as grants, scholarships, loans and work-study. If you have questions on how to complete it, plan to attend College Goal Wisconsin to receive free information and assistance on completing the FAFSA. Register for a virtual FAFSA completion session at College Goal Wisconsin or attend an in person FAFSA completion session. No registration needed for in person FAFSA completion sessions - just show up; click here for more information including dates, times, locations, and what to bring. 

Fair Opportunity Project - College Planning and Financial Aid Resources

The Fair Opportunity Project is a nationally-recognized, federally-funded education nonprofit that aims to help students attend and afford college, while also exploring other opportunities post-high schoo. Click here to learn more about the Fair Opportunity Project Resources for juniors and seniors including mentorshipessay reviewFAFSA Help, and a scholarship list. If juniors are interested in a mentor, they are strongly encouraged to sign up now. Seniors with FAFSA questions may book a 15-minute virtual office hour appointment

Midwest Student Exchange Program

The Midwest Student Exchange Program (MSEP) is a volunteer multi-state tuition discount reciprocity program where public institutions agree to charge students no more than 150% of the in-state resident tuition rate for selected programs (and private institutions offer a 10% reduction on their tuition rates). MSEP can help provide more affordable opportunities for students to attend out-of-state institutions in select states.


MG Virtual Calming Room 

The calming room is a tool for families and students that offers an array of options to help manage emotions in a very stressful and strange time. Check it out!

Grief Resources for Parents and Caregivers

Resources for supporting the kids in your life who are grieving and support for yourself

Helping Your Loved One Who is Suicidal: A Guide for Family and Friends 

SAMHSA's new resource guide provides information on understanding suicide, warning signs and action steps to take, and how to prevent future attempts and keep your loved one safe.

Mental Health America of Wisconsin - PRISM Program

A new pilot program to connect LGBTQ+ youth in Wisconsin with trained peer-specialists who can provide mental and emotional support and mentorship. Young LGBTQ+ people around the ages of 16-26 years old may now access this free service by calling 414-336-7974 and leaving a voicemail to get connected with a trained peer-specialist.

Housing, Homeless and Doubled-Up Family Resources 

If you are staying temporarily with someone else because you lost your housing, or staying in a motel/hotel, campground, shelter, or in an outside or inadequate place, you and your children have special rights at school.

MGSD Homeless Liaison: Andrea Fresen,, 608-316-1922

Student Services Department: 608-316-1373

School Counselors:

  • Susan Bishop - students with last names A-F
  • Don Karsh - students with last names G - La 
  • Scott Groff - students with last names Le - R
  • Melissa Burke - students with last names S -Z

School Psychologist: Melissa Smith

School Social Worker: Kayla Barnes-Patrick

Engagement Specialist: Jack Jackson

School Resource Officer: Luke Wunsch

Administrative Assistant: Michelle Boyde

News from the Athletic/Activities Dept.


Online registration for winter sports is now open. The registration process is to be completed through Infinite Campus, in both the Parent Portal and the Student Portal. Please follow the instructions below to register for winter sports.

The attached document contains winter sport start dates and parent/athlete meeting dates. Please mark these dates on your calendar so you can attend this important start to the season, and connect with your sport coaches.

For the 2023-24 school year, the WIAA requires athletes to have had a physical on/after April 1, 2022. If your athlete needs a physical, please be sure to get that scheduled prior to the start of their sport season. Physical forms can be scanned and emailed to, dropped off at the MGHS Main Office, or mailed to MGHS.


The last couple of years have been landscape changing in the NCAA with Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) rules. Those changes have allowed NCAA athletes to profit from their NIL. The WIAA is emphasizing that NCAA NIL rules do NOT apply to WIAA student athletes.

High School student athletes from around the state of Wisconsin have received direct messages on their social media accounts looking to solicit their business. This is NOT allowed in education based athletics, and would result in a career ending violation for a WIAA high school student athlete. 

Student athletes are also reminded that they would be in violation of the amateur status rules if they receive free and/or reduced rates on equipment, apparel, camps/clinics/instruction and competitive opportunities that are not identical to all participants, as well as if they are identified as an athlete, provide endorsement as an athlete, or appear as an athlete in the promotion of a commercial advertisement and/or profit-making event, item, plan or service.

For more information on Amateur Status rules, please visit the WIAA website.


The MGHS training room is open Monday - Friday after school until 6:30pm. On days where there is an event, the training room might close early. Specific weekly hours are posted on the training room doors.

Any student-athlete who needs athletic training services can stop by the training room during open hours or reach out to Jacqui Landry ( with any questions or concerns.

November Safety Drill - Evacuation Drill

Monona Grove High School will hold an evacuation drill on November 14th for all students and staff.

The safety of our students is a top priority which is why it’s important for students to be present for monthly drills. This evacuation drill is designed to help students understand what they can do to protect themselves in the unlikely case of a critical event. In all cases of a safety drill, our staff will inform students beforehand of the drill and what they can expect so they are fully prepared. We follow best practices to use trauma sensitive language and exercises to mitigate fear and anxiety during the drill.  

What your student will experience: Staff will prepare students by explaining the purpose of the drill, what they can expect and what they will need to do during the drill. The drill will begin with an announcement directing students and staff to evacuate. Staff will calmly and quietly guide students out of the classroom by instructing them to walk through the building to the nearest exit. Once all students and staff are evacuated at a safe distance away, staff will call roll to ensure everyone is accounted for. Staff and students will be given the all clear after the building has been identified as safe to re-enter. Once inside, staff will use trauma sensitive language to help students process the experience.

Students with sensory and other special considerations will be accommodated according to their needs. 

We encourage families to communicate with your student(s) about the importance of safety drills. You can find resources on our website to help guide those conversations. 

Read the full message on safety communication practices on our website.

Monona Grove Education Foundation

Did you know that the MGEF invests on average $28/student during the school year? Some of the broad reach items are the Weekend Snack Pack Program, which currently provides food for 150 MG students who experience food insecurity when not in school. The Pay It Forward personal hygiene supplies at MGHS, GDS and Winnequah offer students free access to basic hygiene needs (shampoo, toothpaste, deodorant). The Starting Line Fund just provided funding for the new Fishing Club at MGHS to purchase additional equipment and supplies giving access to students to participate in an activity they may not otherwise have. These are just three examples of the many things the Monona Grove Education Foundation does for the Monona Grove School District. There are many students who need additional support for various reasons and MGEF continues to partner with the Monona Grove School District to meet those needs. Please consider supporting the MGEF, so that we can continue helping the students of MG.

The MGEF is in the middle of its CARES Campaign. This is the only fundraising campaign for the MGEF which supports the students and teachers of Monona Grove via the 5 programs we offer.  Students and Teachers have access to funding via the Pay It Forward Program (PIF), MGEF Weekend Snack Pack Program, Starting Line Fund, Summer Scholarships and Teacher Innovation Grants.  As a 501(c) 3 organization run by volunteers all proceeds from the CARES Campaign are used for the operations of these programs.  You can find out more about the individual programs, volunteer opportunities and support  these initiatives by going to

Yearbook - Ads for Grads, Senior Pictures, Yearbook Orders

Ads for Grads

Senior Pictures

Just a reminder that in addition to Ads for Grads, SENIOR PICTURES are also due November 30, 2023. If the company you used for senior pictures is not sending us a digital image directly, YOU must make sure that we receive the image no later than the due date listed above. This is a hard deadline due to strict printing deadlines on our end (the yearbook prints in sections over the course of the school year). Digital images can be sent via email to or put on a flash drive dropped off in the MGHS main office and labeled with your child’s name. We do not accept printed copies of pictures. If we do not receive the photos by November 30, we will use the photo taken for their school ID. If we do not have an ID picture, their picture will not appear in the yearbook.  

As in previous years, we will not accept shots with hats or sunglasses. In addition, photos must be portrait orientation, and backgrounds and photo props will be a student’s choice and will be allowed.  

Please visit the Yearbook website and navigate to the Seniors '24 tab to access all information regarding senior yearbook photos and surveys.

Yearbook Ordering

High School Parent Forum

The MGHS Parent forum is a monthly meeting that allows for parents to come and listen to the happenings at MGHS presented by Principal Mitch McGrath. In turn, the parents can ask questions, give feedback and hear about upcoming events in a casual setting. There is no fundraising at this meeting. The meeting is purely informational to bridge the home and school environment. 

The meetings will take place on the following days for the school year at 6 pm in the High School IMC (which is located off of the commons/cafeteria area). Meetings typically last about one hour. A parent volunteer will take notes and send out a brief summary of the meeting each month. If you have further questions after any meeting, the administrative team welcomes you to reach out to them directly for clarification or questions. A parent volunteer will send out a reminder email prior the meeting each month. Your email will only be used for this purpose.

The remaining dates for the 2023-24 school year are the following:

November 20

January 22

February 19

April 15

Please contact Cathy Bernards at to be added to the MGHS Parent Forum email list.

Travel Opportunities

Mrs. Rossing still has spots available for students and/or parents or guardians to travel to Italy summer of 2024, or Iceland summer of 2025. Email for more information.

Attendance Notes


The phone number for attendance is 608-316-1393. If you call the main office number, you do not have the option to "press 1 for attendance", so please add the attendance number to your phonebook.

Thank you in advance to all of our parents for sending your students into school after medical/dental appointments with doctor's notes! Please note that doctor's notes are required in order for students to participate in sports and extra curricular activities.

An Anticipated Absence Form is required for all absences of 3+ days. It must be signed by each teacher plus a parent/guardian and then turned in to the attendance office at least 3 days prior to the anticipated absence. The form can be picked up from the attendance office.

Students cannot call themselves out of school unless they are 18 and have completed an 18 year old adult form. These are available for pick up in the Attendance Office.

School Nutrition


What are the high school meal prices for 2023-24? 

Breakfast: $1.75

Breakfast (reduced): free

Lunch: $3.75

Lunch (reduced): $0.40

Where do I find menus?

Meal menus are found on the high school website under "Resources".

How do I check balances, add money, or set reminders and/or recurring payments?

Families can check balances, add money, set reminders and set up recurring payments all through Infinite Campus. 

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