METRONews - Winter 2024

New Year! New Metron 8.5!

We are excited to inform you the latest Metron 8.5 is now available, and it includes a range of new features we believe will enhance your experience with the Software. This update incorporates new features inspired by the suggestions and feedback we received from our valued clients, including yourself. We are deeply grateful for your invaluable contributions, which have significantly helped us deliver our best to you.

Here is a list of features included in Metron 8.5!

  • New Lumina-IQ filter that improves image processing for both companion animal and equine for DR systems
  • Improved several items in the Free Mark-Up tool
  • For sending X-Rays and reports larger than 5MB, Metron recommends using Metron Web Viewer instead of email.
  • The Metron Web Viewer presents the study order in the exact same sequence as it is organized in Metron.
  • Improvements to the Intellect Engine, including updates to the auto-generated reports (Optional Feature)

In addition to the above features, we have made a number of behind-the-scenes adjustments to improve the overall Metron experience. These changes include enhancements to the system's performance and stability, making it more intuitive and user-friendly.

We are presently scheduling updates, and we encourage you to contact us at or 877-638-3868 to schedule your update.

Please be advised not all X-Ray devices are compatible with the Metron Imaging Software update. Our knowledgeable Metron Support Services Team can advise you on the Metron version best suited for your practice.

Thank you for choosing Metron, and we look forward to continuing to serve you with the latest and most advanced Metron Imaging Software available.

New You With a Healthy Heart!

As we embark upon a new year, let us take a bold step towards a healthier and happier life by pledging to prioritize our cardiovascular health. By making simple yet impactful changes in our daily routine, we can significantly reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and ensure a life of contentment.

Let us resolve to quit smoking, increase physical activity, consume nutritious food, manage stress, and get adequate sleep. These small steps can lead to a big impact, helping us to live a fulfilling life. Let us prioritize our heart health in the coming year and take charge of our well-being. 

Let's get started and make this year the best one ever!

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