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Sharing Images Using the Web Viewer

The Metron Web Viewer supports sharing X-Rays with your clients and

colleagues, regardless of your location.

Use various web browsers to log in and communicate with clients, colleagues,

and specialists, as well as to view radiographs. You can also ask for opinions

from colleagues and share additional information using the advanced

visualization tools and measurements in the Metron Web Viewer.

With the Metron Web Viewer, you can:

  • Share images with the Guided or Free Mark-Up displayed emphasizing areas of interest.
  • Add voice annotation to the image file, recording a message for your client.
  • Post reports about the study is a definite value since you can include the Guided Mark-Up table of parameters.

There are two approaches to using this feature:

In Clinic Use: If there are multiple consultation rooms and you want to view X-Ray images with the clients, you can do so. Alternatively, if the doctor prefers to review the images on their own office or home computer before the

consultation, they are able to.

External Sharing: With this method, you will create a unique User ID -

preferably the client's phone number. Doctors or technicians

would post images and reports either when they receive a request from their

clients or after the study is completed. Metron users call, email, or text their

clients and provide the Metron Web Viewer website and User ID to access.

You can post to the Metron Web Viewer as much and as often as you like.

Remember the images and reports will automatically be removed after a week.

With the Metron Web Viewer, you can bring your clinic up a notch by sharing

valuable Metron X-Ray image information with your clients.

For additional information on how to use the Metron Web Viewer, please click here.

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