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MCE New Feature! Signature Notes 
What is it? Signature Notes allows admins to create notes for your customers before they provide their signature. This is a handy feature when you want to provide terms & conditions, authorization rules or other important notes for the signature provider.

One convenient aspect of this feature is the flexibility to customize the terms on all levels – from each laboratory location, to customers on a specific route, or even at the individual site level. So only the intended customers will see the notes.

This new feature supports the unique needs of your customers:

  • Customize on the laboratory level: Every customer site on each route can view the terms before they sign.
  • Customize on the route level: Can be restricted to certain customers on a courier’s route.
  • Display specific notes at the site level: Only the intended customer can see the notes.
MCE Security Update: Customizable Password Requirements
With cyber-attacks on the rise, and hackers getting more and more sophisticated, it’s increasingly important to enhance security by employing strong passwords. By adding complexity rules in your MCE profile, we make it easy to update the password policy for your lab.
Provide us with your complexity rules, and we will create it for you using Regular Expression (RegEx) and add the rules to your profile. If you can write your own rules using RegEx, all you need to do is provide us the file and we’ll link it to your profile.
3 Reasons Why Your Mobile Device Should Run on Android
The industry has spoken! For industrial mobile devices, Android gets the popular vote. In addition to the already-familiar interface, there are a few other compelling reasons why industry manufacturers have chosen to lead with Android as their operating system for handheld mobile computers. 

In this month’s blog we offer up a few great reasons why Android is here to stay – and how it can add to the longevity of your mobile device operations. Read on to learn more.
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